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Is plastic biodegradeable?

Plastic is biodegradable. There are many kinds of plastics. Whetheror not the particular plastic biodegrades depends on where theplastic is and what kind of plastic.
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What is non biodegradeable?

nonbiodegradable means that a particular object is not able to break down naturally, such as man made plastic.
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What is biodegradation?

"Biodegradation is the chemical breakdown of materials by a physiological environment". - Wikipedia
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Why is polyethene non-biodegradable?

Poly ethane is the UPAC name of polyethylene and is known as themost common plastic. Despite the fact that polyethene can beproduced from renewable sources, no organisms can d (MORE)
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Why is some plastic non-biodegradable?

Different plastics have different properties. The following is one example of a non-biodegradable plastic. Rubber plastic, used in tires, is formed by curing natural late (MORE)
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Does metal biodegrade?

Yes and no. Some organisms can break down some metals. In everyday life, it is far more common for metal to degrade chemically (via reaction to water, or the air, or soil aci (MORE)
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A note on biodegradation?

i think it is the process in which a material like leaf matter gets decomposed along with the soil
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Why does fruit biodegrade?

Biodegradability refers to an object's susceptibility to being broken down and recycled by living organisms, mostly microorganisms. Fruit, because of its high nutrient content (MORE)
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Is wood biodegradeable?

Yes. left to its own it tends to rot, which definitely is a form of biodegradation.
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Is glass biodegradeable?

glass is not biodegradeble because its not somthing that can not turn in to fertalizer
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What is biodegradeable plastic?

biodegradeable plastic is a type of plastic that degrates, sometimes crunchier and less structured it is better than unrecyclable plastic. yet it creates polution in the creat (MORE)
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Is rust biodegradation?

No, it is the oxidation of iron (4Fe(s) + 3O 2 ) to form iron oxide(2Fe 2 O 3). .
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Is yarn biodegradeable?

Wool, cotton, linen, silk and all other natural fibers can be made into yarn that is biodegradable, but many synthetics (nylon, polypropylene, etc are not).
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How cotton is biodegraded?

Cotton is biodegradable because when you put it in a compost bin then as time goes by it rots and becomes apart of the dirt. Which makes it biodegraded. Bio-biolgy; degraded- (MORE)