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What is the telephone area code for Birr in County Offaly Ireland?

Birr, County Offaly, is in Irish area code 057 , along with Portlaoise, Abbeyleix, and Tullamore. In international format, that's +353 57 . (The plus sign means "insert ( Full Answer )
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How many miles from birr co offaly to belfast?

300 km (186 miles) taking this route: . Take A52 TULLAMORE, from Birr, to M6 DUBLIN, beyond Tullamore. . Take M6 to M4 DUBLIN. . Take M4 (and N4) to M50 NORTHBOUND (toll) ( Full Answer )
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When was Dieter Birr born?

Dieter Birr was born on March 18, 1944, in Kslin, Pomerania, Germany [now Koszalin, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland].
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What movie and television projects has Dieter Birr been in?

Dieter Birr has: Played Maschine in "Die Legende von Paul und Paula" in 1973. Played Maurergeselle in "Die Wahlverwandtschaften" in 1974. Played himself in "Riverboat - Die MD ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Horst Birr been in?

Horst Birr has: Played Emil Kummerberg, Kellner in "Spiel mit dem Feuer" in 1934. Performed in "Herr Kobin geht auf Abenteuer" in 1934. Played Peter, Schiffsjunge in "Herz ist ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Christiane Birr written?

Christiane Birr has written: 'Konflikt und Strafgericht' -- subject(s): Administration of Criminal justice, Criminal justice, Administration of, Criminal law, History, Punis ( Full Answer )