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Are dogs bitches?

Only the female dogs are bitches. thats pretty good but... bitches are female dogs,dogs are apart of nature,and nature is beautiful:) and the name resembles human femals prett ( Full Answer )
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What are bitches?

Bitches are female dogs. The word may also be used in an offensive way to describe a femaleperson, but this is not the true or original meaning.
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What is a 'bitch fit'?

A ' bitch fit' is a derogatory term used to describe a female who is upset and has a sudden outburst of emotion and freaks out. I would refrain from using this term, especi ( Full Answer )
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How soon after whelping do you worm your bitch?

When I raised puppies I wormed the female before she had the puppies and within a few days after she gave birth. I also started worming the puppies at 2 weeks of age and conti ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with bitches?

ditches glitches itches light switches Snitches stitches twitches witches "snitches are bitches who will fall in ditches with stitches" :)
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Where can you find bitches?

You can contact a reputable dog breeder to buy a female dog. Or, you can adopt a female dog that needs a good home.
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Why do bitches hate?

Unless they were treated most cruelly, it would be very unusual fora female dog to hate.
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How do you tell if your bitch is pregnant?

There are many signs a dog will exhibit when they are pregnant. Their nipples become larger and their vulva remains slightly more swollen. However, some dogs may not show any ( Full Answer )
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How do you pull more bitches?

see what you do is first...u drug em, then you have all the advantage that u want....or plan b: go to a party and gettem drunk then bring'em back to your place :-)
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Will two bitches fight?

They can,If their relationship isn't strong enough or you are giving one of them attention and the other well,Just leaving her out. Hope this helped. :P
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Where can you buy bitches?

You can contact a reputable dog breeder to buy a female dog. Or, you can adopt a female dog that needs a good home.
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Why is your bitch not pregnant after a tied mating?

Only a veretiranian could answer that question. You see? A dog has in precense of the person checking it. There is a probability that is not the female. I have seen at least a ( Full Answer )
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What bitches wear?

Bitches are female dogs, and they usually do not wear much more than their fur.
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What is a collie bitch?

It is a female collie, old enough and able to mate. All female canines that can mate are known as bitches
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What are the signs of a bitch in welp?

they always lie around they usually lie on there bed or a corner but if there outside they start digging in a corner
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Should a bitch be kept in when in season?

Yes. Unless you want your female dog to become pregnant by ananonymous male dog, you should keep her indoors or locked in akennel. It is a part of breeding your dog responsibl ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if somebody calls you a bitch?

You know what? In this whole year someone called me that today. I asked her why would she say something like that, when I never even said anything like that to her. If your a ( Full Answer )
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What to do when a friend call you a bitch?

If she/he is a good friend than don't worry it is probably just a joke Soo just said it back to her/him.....but if he/she is a bad friend than don't call her/him a friend and ( Full Answer )
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Can you buy bitch milk?

If you dog isn't producing enough milk for her pups, contact your veterinarian. You can purchase milk in a powdered form from them and get the correct advise on how to feed th ( Full Answer )
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Why are sisters bitches?

First, while I don't know the sister of the person who asked this question, I'm sure she would not like to be called a word that is considered a rude name for a female. That s ( Full Answer )
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Is bitch considered profanity?

It is most certainly profanity for all uses except to denote afemale dog, fox, or wolf. It all depends on how you use it. Bitch is the word for female dog,just as hen is the ( Full Answer )
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What do the letters of bitch stand for?

When people ask what letters in a word "stands for", they think theword is an acronym. This word is not an acronym. The literal meaning is femaledog. The word or its plural ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when your mom is bitching out?

this happens to me what i do is ignore her by going on with my normal activities (but don't do it rudely like walk out of the room and stuff) and then scream in my pillow whe ( Full Answer )
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What is a synonym for bitch?

The word is considered offensive in North American usage but not so much in the UK. "A female dog" , is my first guess, but a visit to the dictionary shows more: Using the Oxf ( Full Answer )
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Is it illegal to call someone a bitch?

No, it's just mean. However, it depends on the context. In manystates, hate speech and sexist terminology can get you charged withdisorderly conduct.
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Are all women uptight bitches?

yeah, they all are to some extent, at least a bit, but some don't show any. some don't even know that they are.
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Is the word bitches a swear word?

Absolutely not, this word originates from the word pitches (like a pitcher). Pitchers are a biggest part of baseball or the leader. To be a leader you have to be smart,coura ( Full Answer )
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Can a bitch be bred to two males?

It is possible. Animals which have large litters can often have multiple fathers for the same litter. Whether you would want to try to breed the same female to multiple mal ( Full Answer )
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Why are cheerleaders bitches?

They think they have all the style and fame and fortune because the football players date them all the time making them think they are perfect.
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Where do you find bitches?

You can find female dogs: . as strays living on the streets, often in fields or under bridges . in rescue centers . in kennels . at a breeder . at friends' houses who l ( Full Answer )
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How do you find bitches?

Finding female dogs is fairly easy. They can be found: . in rescue centers . in kennels . at a breeder . at friends' houses who like dogs as pets . as strays living on ( Full Answer )
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How can you get bitches?

To get bitches, you could do the following: . Ask friends to see if they know anyone whose dog just had female puppies in the litter. . Check dog shelters for puppies or a ( Full Answer )
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How do you deal with bitchs?

I think you have selected a wrong section if you are looking forhelp regarding pets this is not the section.
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Where were bitches found?

Dogs are pretty much worldwide, meaning females as well. Perhapsyou can restate with additional info about what you need