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Do ants bite?

ants bite with their little red nippers. small ants won't hurt as much as bigger ones, but it will give u a little shock. big ants hurt a lot and sometimes the bitten place ge (MORE)
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How do you bite you?

Step 1: Raise arm Step 2: Put pointer finger up Step 3: Open mouth Step 4: Put finger in mouth Step 5: Close mouth Step 6: Bite your finger
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Do rats bite?

yes newtest3 Not always no, i have had many pet rats and have never been bitten
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Does it bite?

"Does it bite" is one of the most common phrases uttered, especially by children, regarding animals. The answer is yes. All animals have the capability to bite and there hav (MORE)
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What bites you?

almost everything in the world can bite you ex: dogs,sharks,birds,hamsters,certain kids of fish and more.
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When a fly bites you does it bite or urinate?

Depends on which species of fly.... It excretes a material that desolves your flesh and makes it easy for it to suck up. ti is trying to turn you into a meat shake so to spea (MORE)
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In bite fight what is a bite link?

First of all the bite link is in your overview catorgory. secondly, when people click on that link in a spot you have put it (home page forums etc.) you will get booty and gol (MORE)
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What is bite?

this stupid thing brought on by twilight where people bite each other, sometimes to draw blood, its pointless and hurts, dont do it
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How do they bite?

They bite by gripping with the jaws and cutting or tearing off with the teeth.
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Where do the vampires bite you?

most vampires will go straight for the jugular in the neck as this is where the most blood in the body...not that they really exist or anything. Before the publication of Ca (MORE)
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Do alligators bite?

Nope! They are like dogs and love it when you rub em behind their ears!
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Can hamster bite?

Yes, if an animal has teeth it can usually bite.
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Can a goat bite?

Yes, but it doesn't really hurt. inside a goats mouth the lower part is teeth and the upper part is all tough gum.
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If your dog bites do you bite back?

No, you do not bite it back because it will bite you again. All you have to do is say "no" loudly and put something in his mouth he can bite. If he did this out of aggression, (MORE)
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How do you make a biting hamster not bite you?

always get someone that is not scared to be biten like my classmate because my hamster bites and my classsmate is always playing with my hamster that's why my hamster do not b (MORE)
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How can you cure a bite from an alligator bite?

Alligators are not venomous. If you are bitten, you should be concerned about dying of blood loss, shock, or being EATEN. You should get to a hospital, where they will clean t (MORE)