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What is a biters?

In a literal meaning, a biter is a person that bites. But also, abiter is a person that is stealing ideas or work with other people.
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In reference to a dog what is a biter?

Referring to a dog as a biter means the dog is known to bite. Theycould be biting out of aggression or fear.
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What is a pillow biter?

It's a derogatory term describing a homosexual man. The term implies men who are penetrated anally will bite a pillow to help ease the pain of the act. It is a colloquial - ( Full Answer )
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How do you kill toe biters?

you get insect repellent and spray it on your toes, they kill them and get rid of them. you can get insect repellent at the shops such as: Coles, Woolworths, Bilo etc.
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What is Nail Biter auction?

On certain auction websites, they allow automatic bidding, which allows bidders to let the system look after bidding while they are absent. These sites sometimes run nailbiter ( Full Answer )
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What were Biter and Beater in the book 'The Hobbit'?

Biter is Thorin's sword Orcrist that killed a bunch of goblins years ago. Beater is Glamdring , the sword Gandalf carries for the rest of the stories. Both were blades made ( Full Answer )
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Is a bull mastiff known as a biter?

In my experience, not at all. They tend to be rather slow and lazy, and excellent with children. I even know one who's best friend is a cat. They look rather intimidating, but ( Full Answer )
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Are Chihuahuas ankle biters?

Well if they were to bite, they are not tall enough to reach muchhigher up (unless you were holding one at the time).
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What are Beater and Biter in the The Hobbit?

'Beater and Biter' are names that the goblins/orcs gave to two swords: Glamdring, ancient sword of the King of Gondolin, and Orcrist, another famous and ancient blade. Being f ( Full Answer )
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Is Demnard a biter?

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes a billlion times yes ! . fack you...and no... . u have really lame combacts . Do not go any further you will see something......... ( Full Answer )
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Are American Pit Bull Terriers The Top Biters?

There is no known proof that pit bulls can bite harder than other breeds of dog. Dogs bite harder or less hard depending on what situation they are in, so it is very difficult ( Full Answer )
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What are Biter and Beater?

Biter and Beater are the names given by the Goblins to Glamdring and Orcrist, the Elven swords wielded by Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield.
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How do you get a cat that is declawed in the front paws to stop biting mine became a biter when we declawed it so how do I stop it?

Why don't you just get its teeth removed, like you did with its claws. Clearly, you have no problem putting your pets through barbaric, inhumane, excruciatingly painful "surge ( Full Answer )
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What is a back biter?

a back biter has two definitions a. Luke Castellians sword in Percy Jackson series b. To speak spitefully or slanderously about (another).
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What does the you love biters dgk shirt mean?

A biter is someone who copies anothers style. Rule 1 is keep it original. To bite is to copy someone's style. If you love biters, you love it when someone copies your ( Full Answer )
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What is the most common dog breed biter?

The most common biter is the German Shepherd ranking in first. Ranking second is the Chow-Chow. Third place is ironically the Golden Retriever. Weird isn't it?
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Boxers on the biter dog list?

Boxers will bite in either a playful way or a protective way. if a boxer is very attached to you and they feel you are being threatened they will bite or jump.
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What does it mean when guys call you a biter?

When a guy calls you a biter it means you bite.. Sexually. It means instead of sucking dick, you bite. Doesnt sound very pleasant.
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Are basset hound vicious biters?

Most people will say no way, but my basset hound can get extremely vicious. I had a buy a shock collar to correct these actions. Now his fits of rage only happen every coup ( Full Answer )
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What does the idiom nail biter mean?

the idiom of nail biter is when they are afraid of happens exticntivly to SOME people
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Are all chiweenie puppies biters?

All puppies bite no matter what the breed, they do not have hands so they use their mouths to explore. It is completely naturally and essential, especially when they are teeth ( Full Answer )
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Where is it possible to buy a Bagel Biter?

A Bagel Biter is an appliance used to slice bagels in half. It is convenient and easy to use. One can purchase this appliance at a store such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond or a sim ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Ankle Biters - 2002?

The cast of Ankle Biters - 2002 includes: Matt Arnde as Lurik William Bowen as Bar fighter Jaime Burch as Korel Don Burgess as Antique Dealer Jeremy Busbee as Rafe Timothy Fah ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Music for Bubble Biters - 2005?

The cast of Music for Bubble Biters - 2005 includes: Bobbi Henry as Herself - Bubble Biter Mercedes Hoffman as Concert Audience Member Irany Martinez as Concert Audience Membe ( Full Answer )
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What is an ankle-biter?

An ankle-biter is a slang term for either a small child or an irritating problem or task.