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How do you beat Adventures of Bloo on Miniclip?

Try going on to Youtube and type in "Adventures of Bloo Walkthrough" and it should show you how to complete it. I've completed it so it is definatley possible.
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if u mean blood then it is to get air to all parts of our body so that it will continue working.
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What is Bloo and Eduardo friendship like in the show?

I'm not sure how to answer the question. If you understand their individual personalities, it may help. Eduardo is open and trusting and basically likes everyone except "me (MORE)
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What is Bloo and Wilt friendship like in the show?

In the beginning of the series and in the Foster's movie bloo is sort of a shy but funny character and wilt and him gets along real well. Later on in the seires bloo becomes a (MORE)
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Are dolphins or sharks cold blooed?

Sharks are fish and are therefore "cold blooded", whereas dolphins are mammals and are "warm blooded". The terms warm and cold blooded are misnomers however; "cold blooded" an (MORE)
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What movie and television projects has Coca Bloos been in?

Coca Bloos has: Performed in "Secretul armei secrete" in 1988. Played The Judge in "Divort din dragoste" in 1991. Performed in "Vinovatul" in 1991. Performed in "Crucea de pia (MORE)
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Are humans cold blooed?

You can answer this for yourself by placing you hand under yourarm. Is it warm or cold there - what you discover is the answer toyour question.