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What is blood?

Blood is a special bodily fluid that carries blood plasma (water in your blood), oxygen, and many other nutrients that helps sustain your cells (Erythrocytes, Leukocytes and T ( Full Answer )
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What does blood do?

The function of blood is to transport oxygen (O) from the lungs to body tissues and organs, to transport carbon dioxide (CO2) from the body tissues and organs back to the lung ( Full Answer )
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Who are the bloods?

The bloods are a gang that was created in Los Angeles during the year of 1971. Their color is red, they are rivals to the crips, and in California they are a black gang, but t ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have blood?

Blood carries oxygen molecules throughout the body and collects carbon dioxide away from your body. It helps to maintain the balance between the two respiratory gases.
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What does your blood do?

Blood is the body's transport medium: it transports substances around the body. It carries hormones, nutrients, water and oxygen to places they are required(eg the muscles) an ( Full Answer )
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What is in the blood?

Blood consists of plasma, red blood cells, and white blood cells. The red are for transporting oxygen, and the white are for killing things that should not be in the blood. T ( Full Answer )
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What is the blood?

no it is not the blood in yo venaes. it is a gang! a very mean and dangerus powerful gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What does the blood do?

your blood goes through out your body delivering nutrients There are many:- Transporting hormones round the body Transport glucose and oxygen to different parts of the body.
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How you get in the bloods?

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What are blood?

Blood is a specialized bodily fluid that delivers necessary substances to the body's cells (in animals) - such as nutrients andoxygen - and transports waste products away from ( Full Answer )
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How can you be a blood?

Recruitment is often influenced by a recruitee's environment. Bloods recruit heavily among school-age youth in predominantly poor African American communities.
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What does blood have in it?

Blood is made up of several components thatare critical to the functions of the body and keeping it alive.Plasma cells bring water and nutrients to the body and water wasteto ( Full Answer )
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How can you get blood?

Erm what do you mean get blood? You could prick yourself in the finger with a needle and walla there's blood.
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Can A- blood give to A plus blood?

O+ can RECEIVE O+ or O- O- can RECEIVE O- A+ can RECEIVE A+, A-, O+ or O- A- can RECEIVE A- or O- B+ can RECEIVE B+ ,B-, O+, or O- B- can RECEIVE B- or O- AB+ can ( Full Answer )
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When is your blood red and when is your blood blue?

Your blood is never blue, always shades of red. When arterial blood leaves the lungs to circulate through the body, it has just a little bit more oxygen in it than does ven ( Full Answer )
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Why did blood blood diamonds happen?

Blood diamonds are diamonds sold to fund wars. The full article is attached as a resource which has more information.
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Vomiting blood or passing blood?

this isint very usual i would reccomend for you to go to a doctor as soon as possible (asap) passing blood would be very bad you dont know what infections you might get go to ( Full Answer )
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What type of blood has anti-a blood?

In the ABO blood group system, a person's immune system naturally creates antibodies to the antigens that it lacks. Group A people have the A antigen, so they will make Anti- ( Full Answer )
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Part of blood that clots blood is?

The blood coagulation which you are referring to has several stages and types. The main cells involved directly are thrombocytes, while endothelial cells etc may also play a ( Full Answer )
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What are warm-blooded and cold-blooded?

Warm-blooded means that at rest, the animal keeps its body warm and above the temperature of its surroundings. Cold-blooded means that at rest, the animals body temperature ( Full Answer )
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Which blood vessel has blood color?

All vessels containing blood would have red blood; in arteries and in veins and smaller vessels. The blue appearance of veins is an optical illusion that comes from the wa ( Full Answer )
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What can blood do?

blood is responsible for the transport of bodily materials.blood is the most important consituent of cirulatory system.
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What percent of blood are blood cells?

Human blood consists of about 22 percent solids and 78 percent water. The components of human blood are:. Plasma, in which the blood cells are suspended, including: . Red b ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference A- blood and A plus blood?

A positive blood also has a protein in the blood stream that A negative blood does not, this is important because if you were to give A positive blood to an A negative receive ( Full Answer )
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Is blood clotting a blood function?

we can say that blood clotting is a function of blood because plasma is involved in blood cloting and plasma is a consituent of blood.
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What type of blood is the royal blood?

Royal blood is merely the blood of a person who is considered to be a royal person - related to a monarch in some way. It is no different from any other human blood. The te ( Full Answer )
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How do bloods call other bloods?

Ur not a Blood otherwise u would know this answer, no disrespect but if ur not a Blood then it doesn't concern u.
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What does white blood cells do in blood?

White blood cells, also called Leukocytes, carry out immunity functions in the blood. There are many different types of WBC's in the blood, divided into two groups: Granulated ( Full Answer )
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Where is the mural from blood in blood out located?

For what has been told by the actual Artist, Adan Hernandez, the Mural was never actually there but was an actual Framed painting he made specifically for the movie. They just ( Full Answer )
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What does blood do for you?

It carries food, oxygen, antibodies, adrenalin, enzymes, hormonesand whatever may be injected into the blood stream to all the cellsin the body, and it carries away waste from ( Full Answer )