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What is the color of the queens blotting paper?

I heard that The Queen uses black blotting paper in order that no one could read what she had written. I wrote to her to ascertain the veracity of this practice and received t (MORE)
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What is meant by southern blotting technique?

A test used in micro and genetic to check for a match between DNA molecules.. A test used in micro and genetic to check for a match between DNA molecules.
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What is the theory behind western blotting?

Transfer of specific proteins from gel to nitrocellulose memnbrane using specific antibodies... theory s for specific identifcation of protein with specific kilo dalton(kda).. (MORE)
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What is southern blotting?

Southern Blotting Is a method used in molecular biology for thedetection of a specific DNA order in when testing DNA samples. Themethod was named after Edward M. Southern who (MORE)
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Role of tween20 in western blotting?

its just a relatively non toxic detergent that helps wash the blot and remove any proteins that are non-specifically bound. some people follow up the TBST washes with a strai (MORE)
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How is a western blot test done?

A western blot is done by immobilizing cellular proteins on a thin membrane (usually PVDF or nitrocellulose) and detecting them with antibodies to specific proteins. Briefly, (MORE)
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What is the purpose of southern blot?

A Southern blot combines gel electrophoresis and nucleic acid hybridization and allows us to detect just those bands of DNA that include parts of a gene. For example: the Î (MORE)
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Who is Disney's Blot?

Disney Pixar's Bolt is a dog who stars on a TV show in which he's a superhero and he thinks he has superpowers in reality.
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What is an asatru 'blot'?

The Asatru Blot is the most Common Ritual within Asatru. For a more in-depth understanding of the complete ritual; look up - Lewis Stead's Book of Shadows: Asatru Blot. xyr0x (MORE)
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Can chlamydia cause blotting?

Blotting? As In Bleeding, then yeah It does You can bleed from being infected by chlamydia.
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What is prehybridization in blotting?

a procedure used for the treatment of nitrocellulose or nylon membranes following Northern or Southern transfer and before the use of labelled nucleic acid probes to detect sp (MORE)

Is western blot quantitative method?

Western blot can be semi-quantitative. This means that you cannot determine absolute protein levels, but you can detect differences between groups. For example, if you have 4 (MORE)
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What is blotting and types of blotting?

Blotting is a technique of transferring DNA or RNA or Protein from a gel to the membrane. nitrocellulose, PVDF or nylon membrane are used to attach these molecules permanently (MORE)
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Is hematoma a blot clot?

Sort of - yes. A hematoma, aka contusion, aka bruise is when blood escapes from a broken blood vessel and is visible under the skin. The blood in the tissue will clot.
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What is the theory behind southern blotting?

Answer \n. \n Southern blotting is a technique used to determine if a cell contains a certain DNA sequence. It uses gel electrophoresis to separate DNA fragments by size an (MORE)
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Can milk cause stomach blotting?

Yes, a friend of mine is intolerant / sensitive to certain foods and drinks which bloat her and milk is one of them, you can request a test for any sensitivities to foods you (MORE)

What is the detergents in western blot?

There are usually at least two detergents used to western blot. First, a strong detergent called sodium dodecyl sulfate is used to lyse cells and solublize cellular proteins. (MORE)
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Can you use plasma to do a western blot?

You can do a western blot using plasma as samples, but you have to keep in mind that there are many factors that need to be considered. My area of research is looking for brai (MORE)
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What is the meaning of the term blotted out?

As in blotted out the sun? to block, cover, eclipse, engulf. The term dates from quill pens. Blotting out means covering ( a text) with a drop of ink, and then applying a bi (MORE)
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What does blot dry mean?

It means taking a small part of a towel washcloth and dabbing it a number of times on your skin to dry it rather than rubbing it.
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What is western blot shaker?

Blotting shaker is a shaker like a normal shaker, which shakes the things on the top of it. They are used for keeping the blots in antibody solution during incubation. Western (MORE)
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Character of a Western blot?

Western blotting is a technique to detect specific proteins from a sample such as cell or tissue lysates. Western blot is a membrane (nitrocellulose or PVDF) on which the prot (MORE)
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How do you stop feeling blotted?

Do u mean bloated? Drink some water, got some fresh air, and have a lye down in peace and quiet
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What is western blot testing?

Western blot is an analytical method used to identify specific proteins on the sample. It is widely used in clinical labs to identify pathogens in the patient sample to conclu (MORE)
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Can bran cause constipation or blotting?

Bran is generally accepted as a high-fiber food; if eaten in unusally large quantities relative to an individual's typical diet, it can cause that individual to have mild cons (MORE)
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How do you do western blotting from RNA?

A western blot cannot be prepared from RNA. Only a protein sample can be run with a western blotting approach. The technique used to visualize RNA on a gel is called northern (MORE)
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What is a western blot used for?

A western blot is used for to detect proteins in tissue samples. It is used in fields such as molecular biology, biochemistry and immunogenetics. A HIV test uses a western blo (MORE)
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What is a zoo blot?

A zoo blot is a Southern blot applied to the DNA of more than onespecies, so as to compare them.
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What does overnight in western blot mean?

Western blot is an analytical technique used in clinical and research labs to identify specific proteins in the sample. For the detection of proteins, antibodies are normally (MORE)
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What does a Color ink blot test?

A colour ink blot test a persons perception of what is visuallyseen to what the person's brain interprets.