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Who is BoA dating?

BoA is not dating anyone. Before there were rumors that BoA and Micky Yoochun from tVXQ were dating but it was never confirmed :]. Now there are rumors of BoA and jaeJoong da ( Full Answer )
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How big is a boa?

The largest boa on the planet is the green anaconda. The female can reach lengths up to thirty feet and weigh around three hundred pounds.
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What is a rosey boa?

A small (2-3 ft.) New World boa native to the southwest U.S. and Mexico. They are readily available captive bred in a few pet stores and and are widely available online.
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What is a boa blanket?

Boa blankets are baby blankets that are soft and made ofbiodegradable materials. This blanket is eco friendly,anti-bacterial and wont fill up landfills.
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What are boas predators?

a boas preditor can be a man or a large bird of some kind.boas are easy to spot but are hard to spot in the dry lands because of there browness.
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What is a boa constricter?

Answer . A large snake . Answer . The boa constrictor (snake) (Boa constrictor ssp.), red-tailed boa, jibóia (Latin American name) or macajuel (pronounced mah- ( Full Answer )
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What does a boa eat?

Obviously a Boa will eat some small animals such as rabbits or other small mammals, or maybe small birds or eggs
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Who is BoA?

BoA is a native Korean singer but expanded her talent to Japan, China and America. She debuted at only the age of 13 with her single, I B Peace. Then later in 2003 she debut ( Full Answer )
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Where do boas sleep?

\nWherever they are comfortable and not stressed out, rock hides, burrowed under things, half logs, etc.
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What eats a Boa?

Full grown Boa Constrictors fall prey to predatory birds such aseagles, as well as animals like crocodiles and jaguars. Young BoaConstrictors have these same threats, as well ( Full Answer )
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What is a boa constuctor?

a boa constrictor is a very large snake. it is not venomous. it wraps around its prey and squeeses the life out of whatever its eating. they are sometimes kept as pets. they c ( Full Answer )
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Is a boa a snake?

Yes it is - It's a large species of snake, that kills its prey by constriction.
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What does a boa constrictor do?

they constrict you to death like other constricting snakes and they can cause an infection if bitten
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Where does a boa live?

trees EDIT: Boas such as the Emerald Tree Boa inhabit trees, but the Rosy boa, for instance, is one of the many boas that is completely terrestrial. Even many rain forest ( Full Answer )
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How big is the boa?

It depends what kind of boa. Red tailed boas reaches 7 ft or so sand boas reaches only 32 inches. Hope this answers your question.
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What is the boa tribe?

So basically, the boa tribe, is an African tribe. But, instead of asking it here? Why not ask google, or wikipedia, because its got all ther answers. This tribe has really coo ( Full Answer )
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Who is Franz Boas?

he was an anthropologist know as the father of American anthropology and measured the size of heads.
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How do boas reproduce?

\n. \nBoas reproduce by wrapping their tails around each other, and the male will use his hemipenes to insert sperm into the female's cloaca. \n. \nA boa's eggs are incubat ( Full Answer )
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How long do boas get?

A Boa can be a type of snake that may grow up to about 20 feet in length. A Boa is also a long fluffy scarf made of soft material, such as fur or feathers - ofcause these can ( Full Answer )
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How does the boa communicate with other boas?

with their bodies EDIT: Boas (I assume you mean the famous Red Tail Boa) are highly solitary as with most (if not all) snake species. They would communicate for the purpos ( Full Answer )
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Are boas poisonous?

Boas are not poisonous because they are constrictors. They do not need poison to kill their prey they squeeze it to death. It's the same with pythons; they both constrict beca ( Full Answer )
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Do boas burrow?

Some do. The sand boa (all subspecies) is a burrower along with Rosy boas and some others. The Red tail boa (which is probably what you're thinking of) is semi arboreal to arb ( Full Answer )
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Why does your boa wheeze?

Because you have not been cleaning its cage regularly and a fungal infection has formed. Take it do a good REPTILE veterinarian to get some treatment. They're not hard to find ( Full Answer )
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Is a sand boa a boa constrictor?

yes apparently any kind of boa chokes and their all related to an anaconda EDIT: No, not in the stereotypical sense. Sand boas (I imagine you are referring to the Kenyan s ( Full Answer )
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What is a boa constritor?

it is a huge snake or serpent that kills its victims by squeezing the life out of them.
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What is the largest boa?

normallly the boa constricter EDIT: The Green Anaconda of South America has been recorded at 25 ft. It is the longest boa, but the largest snake is the Reticulated Python ( Full Answer )
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Are boas about extinked?

Boas in general are not close to extinction by any means, but some specific ones like a subspecies of Sand boa (don't remember off the top of my head) are endangered).
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What are facts about boas?

Any member of the Boidae a family of medium to large, non-venomous, constricting snakes. . Any member of the Boinae a subfamily of boid snakes. . Any member of Boa a g ( Full Answer )
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Are boa venomous?

No, no species of boa is venomous , boas are constrictors, therefore they strangle there prey to kill it .If you are thinking of getting a boa think of getting a Brazilian red ( Full Answer )
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Where are boas found?

in dry places EDIT: Boas are found all over the world. From Red Sand Boas of the Middle East, The Dumeril's Boa of Madagascar, the Emerald Tree Boa of South America. Green ( Full Answer )
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How large are boas?

I believe the smallest boa is the Kenyan Sand Boa (males average 1-1.5ft.) and the largest boa is the Green Anaconda (25ft. set the record). These are the biggest not the long ( Full Answer )
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Who is BoA Corp?

BoA Corp is an acronym for the Bank of AmericaCorporation , an American multinational banking andfinancial services corporation.
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Where can I get a Dumeril Boa?

You may be able to get a Dumeril's Boa at an exotic pet shop. Youmay also be able to find sellers online.
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What does a boa hunt?

Mammals, mostly. Depending on its own size, these may vary frommice and rats to calves or even smaller humans. But it favors easeover effort, so it won't attack big prey if sm ( Full Answer )