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What is weight boarding?

i don't know, that's what i was asking!?! You are behind a boat and holding on to the rope while on a board. It is water surfing.
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How do you get your boarding pass?

Answer . If you are not getting your boarding pass at the check in desk you get it on line by logging in to your airline, putting in your flight details and password and f (MORE)
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What is 'Slam the Boards'?

Slam the Boards is a grass-roots attempt to have reference librarians participate in providing answers on various "answer boards," such as WikiAnswers, Yahoo Answers, AskVill (MORE)
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What were loyalty boards?

To test citizens, to see if they were loyal to their respective country.
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How do you get into Boarding School?

As the majority are independent from the state, they each have their own criteria. If you want to know for a specific one, go on their website, and there should be a section o (MORE)
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What rhymes with boards?

hoards, lords... cords, chords, fords, gourds, hoards, lords, swords, towards
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What is boarding in hockey?

Boarding in hockey is a penalty in hockey where a player hits another player with an attempt to injure. These checks/hits often occur when one player hits another player about (MORE)
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What is sand boarding?

all it is is just like a wide surf board and when the wave comes in you slide the board and run and slide.. it might be alittle hard to ballance it is like a snow board balla (MORE)
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What is mountain boarding?

mountain boardinga.k.a all terrain boarding, dirt boarding. mountain boarding is a combination of snowboarding and skate boarding it has open heel bindings and trucks (the tur (MORE)
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What is water boarding?

It is a form of torture where the victim is deluged with water and believes he is going to drown
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What rhymes with boarding?

Hoarding, courting(kind of). Maybe I need to go to sleep. Can't seem to get off of this computer! Good-night! Don't let the bed bugs bite. If they do, hit 'em with a shoe, mak (MORE)
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What are interactive boards?

Basically they are computer screens which you can touch and they affect what is happening on the computer they are connected to
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What are Riser-boards?

Riser-boards are small circuit boards that attach to the motherboard, they attach to the pci slot or ISA (old) slot. These boards extent the motherboards capacity such as memo (MORE)
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What is loan boarding?

when a loan is been transfered fron bank to another. . .the bank which the loan is transfered to board the loan. .
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What is key boarding?

A class that teaches u how to type and do fancy things with computers u learn about paint and Microsoft word and stuff like that
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What is the homonym for 'board'?

"Bored" is a homonym of "board." Wrong. "Bored" is a homophone of "board". Homonyms are words that have the same spelling and pronunciation, but different definitions. Thus, (MORE)
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How about skate boarding?

its fun and if you want to skate you first get a board and it has to have plastic trucks
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What are manmade boards?

Manmade boards include plywood, pressboard, chipboard, particleboard, and similar materials made from wood, as is MDF(medium-density fibreboard) which is cemented wood fibers. (MORE)
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Where do you get ouija boards?

You can get them anywhere... you can even get them in Amazon and on on eBay as well =]
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What is week boarding?

I don't think there is anything called week boarding you might be mistaken by wakeboarding.
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What is Afghanistan boarded by?

It is bordered by Pakistan in the south and east, Tajikistan in the north east, Uzbekistan in the north,Turkmenistan in the northwest and Iran in the west
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How do you get into a boarding school?

Most top boarding schools require that you fill out an application, respond to essay questions, take the SSAT, participate in an interview with an admissions officer, and send (MORE)
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What is a boarding axe?

An axe with a spike on the end used by pirates in the age of sail.
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What is a boarding pass?

Boarding pass is the ticket that you get at the check in counter once your check in completed.. It has your name(s),seat number,gate number,departure time etc. printed on it. (MORE)
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What do boarding schools do?

Boarding schools would be able to give a perfect platform to yourkids for their development. Boarding schools provide best educationto your kids. In boarding schools, sports a (MORE)
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What is a mood board-?

A mood board a board made out of poster board or cardboard withpictures, writings, papers, and ticket stubs for a persons room. Itis a collage of the persons life.