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Why do we get board?

Because we have fun things to do but we do not want to do them.Instead we watch t.v.and sit on the couch all day so we get a headache and feel like slop!. Because we have fun ( Full Answer )
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Why are you board?

because you have nothing in you life not a girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/kids/husband you are a usless basterd to the world!
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Why do board riders wax their boards?

So that there is grip for their feet. Otherwise the water on the surface of the board would cause them to slip right off.
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How not to get board?

If you have horses, learn how to\ride them. If you have dogs, play with them. Make them happy! Chat with your friends! Ask them questions! Eat your favirote foods! Eat with a ( Full Answer )
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What can do you do to not be board?

1. read 2. write a story 3. create a new dialect phone games 5.text until you faint 6. write a lay 7.look up your family past some research TV 10. sculpt ( Full Answer )
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When will board result will come of board?

You can Watch Pakistani, Indian, Bangali, Sri Lankan, Russian,American and other countries TV Channels Online from here
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What does the on board battery do on a mother board?

the board battery on a mother board keeps power to the processor for when the computer is off that way you don't lose information that can be losed while the computer. like fo ( Full Answer )
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Is bsegwaliormp board recognised board?

It seems to be a board run by few illiterate persons who can not write even good hindi or good english.Its a fake board
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Should you use have or has with board as in The Board has or The Board have?

there are 2 sides in a poster board girded sides and plain sides all ways no matter what use the plain side. there once this story happened to me my mom helped me with this pr ( Full Answer )