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Why will my boat not start?

As with any gasoline engine, start with the basics, and a fully charged battery.. Check the ignition system for fire at plugs.. Check the compression, no more than 15psi dif ( Full Answer )
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What is a U boat?

U boat is used for German submarines in both World Wars. It is a translation of German U-Boot which is short for Unterseeboot . A U-Boat is the English expression for the ( Full Answer )
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What is the bow on a boat?

The very front of the boat, or for landlubbers it is called the pointy end.
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Where is the boat?

Boats are usually found in the shore that is being held tightly using a rope.
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How do you get on a boat?

Depending on the size of the vessel, you may be able to just step on, or have to climb up a ladder or stair case to get on. You may also be able to drive onto the boat if it ( Full Answer )
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Where did they get a boat?

They may have saved their money or took out a loan to purchase it from a marine/boat dealership or private seller. Or they may have been given it, or they may have stolen it. ( Full Answer )
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Does a boat motor pull the boat?

the action the motor does to a boat is to propell it. the boat engine propells the boat acroos the sea, river or lake. I think what the questioner wants to know is wheth ( Full Answer )
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Was a paddle boat the first boat?

The earliest boats were log rafts. The first boats were hollow tree trunks propelled by poles, and then by paddles and oars.
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Are you on a boat?

YES. It's goin fast and... Poseidon look at me. Not at the moment. But either word is correct, on a boat , or in a boat, are both correct usage.
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Is the bow of the boat the front of the boat?

Yes the 'bow' is the front of the boat and the back of the boat is called the 'stern'. bow is in the front its the ponity part of the boat, the stern is all of the back of the ( Full Answer )
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Is it paddle boat or pedal boat?

It's both. It has paddles, so it can be called a paddle boat. But you also pedal it, so therefore it can also be a pedal boat. That's why it's both. But I prefer to say a peda ( Full Answer )
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Cf on boat on California boats?

The CF that is displayed on boats in California is followed bynumbers and is the registration number. All boats in California arerequired to be registered.
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What is life boats?

Life boats are little row boats that are on a huge ship and if the ship is sinking people leave the ship on the life boats.
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What is a lobster boat?

A lobster boat is a boat from which fishermen trap or catch lobsters, usually for commercial purposes. Lobster boats range in size and type according to location and purpose; ( Full Answer )
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If the boat leaks the boat will sink?

some boats are made of special materials that allow it to sink very very slowly and or not at all.
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Do boats sink?

Boats can sink. They are usually made of materials that allow them to displace water, and permit them to float. From time to time, that material will break down, and the boat ( Full Answer )
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What kind of boats have boat propellers?

Power Boats, Yachts. Any boat that has a motor on it. Or one that is powered by human and has a propeller on it (mostly known as a pedal boat or paddle boat).
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Do boats have friction?

Yes, a boat moving on the water has some friction with the water and some with the air through which it moves, although very little.
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Where are boats used?

Boats are usually used in the sea to catch fishes or just to ride for fun. There are some real nice boats less that $200 if you call 1(689)453-8268 there are huge amount of do ( Full Answer )
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Why is your boat overheating?

if it is a inboard/outboard have the water pump checked in the outdrive unit/ ps hope you winterized it right/ also make sure engine water pump belt is on need more info on yo ( Full Answer )
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Why is a boat the shape it is?

The characteristics of water flow determine the shape of the hull; mainly resistance and turbulence.
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What is the value my boat?

There is no way to provide you with an answer to this question without surveying the boat.
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How did the boat oil get out?

Usually it happens when an oil carrying boat hits a reef of in some cases an iceberg and tears or rips the hull open, when this happens the oil spills into the ocean.
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What are the disadvantages of inflateable boats boats?

Disadvantages of inflateable boats: 1. Takes between a half hour and an hour to inflate or deflate. 2. Punctures easily if you hit a sharp rock or stump 3. Inflated tube ( Full Answer )
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How do boat companies distribute their boats?

Boat distributers distribute their boats just as car companies do. For example if you would like a sea ray you have to go to a sea ray dealer
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Do you drive a boat or steer a boat?

A traditionalist would say that the word drive, when used ina nautical context, has a bad connotation, generally meaning out ofcontrol, as in "driven ashore," the current dr ( Full Answer )
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Can you cook on a boat?

Yes, u can cook on large boats (ships) or cruise boats or if u just mean a smaller boat still yes, if you have the right equipment
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Why do you have boats?

Because my family and i love to go to the beach and go on the pond near my house. We take our boat out to the beach and eat lunch and play around.
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Why do boat owners overload there boat?

Well it depends on what kind of "boat" you are referring to. If it is a recreational boat, then it may be overloaded simply out of ignorance. In larger vessels there are formu ( Full Answer )
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Which boat is always the stand on boat?

It depends on the Situation, in a Crossing situation where there are 2 vessels crossing each other, the vessel which has the other vessel on her starboard side shall give way ( Full Answer )
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What kind of boat is U-Boat?

A U-Boat is, in German, ein U-boot, short for "ein Unterwasserboot". That translates to English as "Underwater Boat". "Underwater", of course, translates to Latin as "Submarin ( Full Answer )
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What kind of boat is a Jon boat?

A jon boat is a flat bottomed fishing boat. It is made of wood or aluminium. They may have up to three bench seats for passengers.They are usually 6.1 by 4.1 meters in size. ( Full Answer )
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What kind of boat is a cat boat?

A catboat is a boat that has one mast and one sail, with the mast usually leaning forward. It is mainly used when sailing with kids or shorthand. They also have cabins that ar ( Full Answer )
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What is boats?

Yeah, my friends have been going on about boats... I have no cluewhat it is but it certainly is not the aquatic vehicle everyoneknows about, I need help on this.