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How much are boats?

Is all depends on witch kind of boats you are looking for, fresh water or salt water, Motor, Jet Drive, In-board, Out-board. You also have to keep in mind the prices for the s (MORE)
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Streamlining in boats?

A streamlining boat is one that moves through the water with ease and doesn't have speed or progress problems.
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Group of boats?

A flotilla.
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How do boats work?

Very carefully. Buoyancy, engine mechanics, fluid dynamics/mechanics, and a whole lot more.
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What is life boats?

Life boats are little row boats that are on a huge ship and if the ship is sinking people leave the ship on the life boats.
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Do boats sink?

Boats can sink. They are usually made of materials that allow them to displace water, and permit them to float. From time to time, that material will break down, and the boat (MORE)
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Do boats have friction?

Yes, a boat moving on the water has some friction with the water and some with the air through which it moves, although very little.
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Where are boats used?

Boats are usually used in the sea to catch fishes or just to ride for fun. There are some real nice boats less that $200 if you call 1(689)453-8268 there are huge amount of do (MORE)
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What are the disadvantages of inflateable boats boats?

Disadvantages of inflateable boats: 1. Takes between a half hour and an hour to inflate or deflate. 2. Punctures easily if you hit a sharp rock or stump 3. Inflated tube (MORE)
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How do you do to get your boating license?

You need to check with your city, county and state laws, in order to find out if you are required to have one and what you need to do in order to obtain one.
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How boats have changed?

they have changed over time because in the olden days they had no windows no roofs so when it would rain it gets all wet and when driving it would be very wind they have chang (MORE)
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Why do you have boats?

Because my family and i love to go to the beach and go on the pond near my house. We take our boat out to the beach and eat lunch and play around.
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How old are boats?

I had research and it looked like the oldest boat was a doug outboat or called a log boat from about 7-10 thousand years ago i cannever find any answers i want so hopefully th (MORE)
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What does a you-boat mean?

U-boat means under the sea boat aka submarines , they used to call it u-boat during the world wars
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Did the Nubians have boats?

I hear their sailing technology was a lot like the later Egyptian. I'm sorry I can't remember where I saw this PBS special, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had reed or woo (MORE)
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When boating what is underway?

Under way is a term meaning that the boat (or ship) is moving through the water. If a ship is moving, it would be correct to say that she has way on her.
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What energy is boats?

Boats are not energy, they are a form of transportation. They use mainly chemical and wind energy as a form of propulsion.
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What is boats?

Yeah, my friends have been going on about boats... I have no cluewhat it is but it certainly is not the aquatic vehicle everyoneknows about, I need help on this.