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What is BOD?

In addition to being a slang term short for "body," BOD can also be an acronym standing for various things: - Board of Directors - Biochemical Oxygen Demand - Biological Oxyg ( Full Answer )
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When was the bod pod invented?

The Bod Pod was invented by Philip Dempster ca 1990. Dempster developed his ideas in a garage laboratory with the support of SBIR grants from NIH.
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What does bod stand for?

some random stuff that noone knows cause i gd looked and i cant fund the gd answer... sorry that's wrong it stand for Biochemical oxygen demand
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How to calculate BOD value in a sample?

if unseeded, BOD = (D 1 -D 2 )/P if seeded, BOD = ((D 1 -D 2 )-(B 1 -B 2 )f)/P D1 = DO of diluted seeded wastewater D2 = DO of wastewater after incubation B1 = DO of diluted ( Full Answer )
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What is BOD incubator?

B.O.D. Incubator is available in two model Standard and GMP model. Its construction is in Double walled, where gap between the two walls filled with high quality called Polyur ( Full Answer )
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What is the strongest bone in your bod y?

The title "strongest" bone in the body goes to one of the bones that make up your skull, called the temporal bone. It's the very dense, hard bone on the side of your head that ( Full Answer )
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What is the relationship between bod and do?

BOD (biological oxygen demand) is a measure of the amount of oxygen needed bymicrobes to break down the organic matter in a sample of water. DO (dissolved oxygen) is the amoun ( Full Answer )
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How are DO and BOD content measured?

Dissolved oxygen is measured by the Winkler titration method. . BOD 5 is measured by putting a known volume of bacteria in a sample of the fluid to be insppected at the satu ( Full Answer )
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What is BOD in chemistry?

Its full form is biological oxygen demand. Answer: The 5 day Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD 5 ) is a measure of how much biologically usable dissolved organic material is ( Full Answer )
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If a bod gets biting by a snak?

depends what part bod. if is eastern thorny snak you in trouble. But lot snak be worse. Beware cobra.
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Why cod is greater than bod?

because bod contains only biodegradable but whereas cod includes both biodegradable and non biodegradable that is the reason why cod is larger than bod
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What is the difference between BOD and COD?

1. COD or Chemical Oxygen Demand is the total measurement of all chemicals in the water that can be oxidized BOD- Biochemical Oxygen Demand is supposed to measure the amount o ( Full Answer )
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Where to purchase 24k bod cologne?

I would like to know that answer myself....Walmart no longer ever has it....don't want to buy online.....
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What is EOD BOD concept in banking?

Eod- end of the day bod- biggning of the day Some operations are performed after the bank working hours , theapplication team take the bank software back-end and perform tho ( Full Answer )
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Why BOD is measured after 5 days?

because our teacher(Dr. tauseef Ahmad Qureshi (YaKa) told us he is a great personality he cant be wrong YaKa = young and knowledge Authority
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Chairman of the BOD has a pivotal role in the performance of BOD.?

A board of directors is a legal requirement for an incorporated company. For the small, privately owned company, this usually means that the founder and perhaps a family membe ( Full Answer )
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Does Javier Hernandez believe in Bod?

Javier Hernandez has identified himself as a Christian who praysregularly, according to an interview that he gave with the UK'sDaily Mirror Newspaper in early 2011: Google.
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BOD and COD definitions and relationship?

BOD is a measure of, the amount of oxygen that bacteria will consume while decomposing organic matter under aerobic conditions. Biochemical oxygen demand is determined by inc ( Full Answer )
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How much is BOD value of drinking water?

There are generally no standards for an absolute BOD 5 value of drinking water. However, a sample with a BOD 5 between 1 and 2 mg/L indicates a very clean water
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Why bod is greater than cod?

Type your answer here... It's not. Typically, COD is greater than BOD. The COD test is used primarily as an operational control because it takes only a matter of hours, comp ( Full Answer )
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How can you calculate BOD Mathmaticly?

The B iochemical O xygen D emand (BOD) of a sample is the amount of dissolved oxygen required by aerobic microorganisms to breakdown organic matter in the sample. The test ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning BOD MUS?

I think you mean BODMAS. It's an acronym used to remember the precendence of mathematical operations: . B = B rackets first . O = O rders (squares, cubes, etc.) . ( Full Answer )
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Who is Kaycee bod-dicker?

There is nothing on her unless she is a personal or local friend that you are possibly looking for, but internet wise there is nothing about her.
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What is SAP BODS?

Sap Business Objects Data Services is an ETL Tool. The old name of Data Services was Data Integrator. (BODI) SAP BODS abbreviation SAP Business Objects Data Services - delive ( Full Answer )
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Why cod higher than bod?

A COD test measures all of the chemicals in a\nsample which can be oxidized. A BOD5 test measures the total amount of food (or\norganic carbons) that bacteria can oxidize (in ( Full Answer )
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What is the principle of BOD?

when magnesium sulfate and potassium hydroxide is added,magnesium hydroxide is formed and precipitates and conc H2SO4 is added and in presence of oxygen the preciptate turns b ( Full Answer )
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How does food get in your bod?

You eat it, it then goes thru a digestion process and the nutrients are absorbed within your intestines.
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What is meant by BOD loading rate?

BOD loading rate is the amount of organic matter added in water or waste water for example sewage water
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What is the role of mnso4 in bod?

MnSO4 is the only one that directly reacts with O2 at BOD?. With alkaline:. MnSO4 + 2OH = MnOH2 +SO4. 4Mn(OH)2 + 2 H20 + O2 = 4 Mn(OH)3.
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What is a bod in finance?

It could refer to "Balance on Delivery". This refers to the purchase of an item where some money is paid prior to delivery - either on order and subsequently. The terms of the ( Full Answer )
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Define the term cod and bod?

"COD" is Chemical Oxygen Demand," and BOD is Biochemical Oxygen Demand." These are the two processes that cause oxidation of an object in either a natural waterway or in indus ( Full Answer )
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What would one use the BOD POD for?

The BOD POD is a tool that is used to measure body composition. It utilizes air displacement technology. One uses the BOD POD by sitting in a chamber while the BOD POD measure ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Rens Bod written?

Rens Bod has written: 'The making of the humanities' -- subject(s): Humanities, Comparative method, Research