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What is a bodega?

It is a slang term usually meaning the store on the corner... such as a 7-11, a Circle K, or a Mini-Mart. In Spain it's a Warehouse specifically for wine. In New York City (MORE)
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What is stored in a bodega?

A bodega is a place where sherry wine is stored. The term is alsoused to describe the Sherry producers. The various bodegas arebroken down in accordance with what their jobs a (MORE)
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What is Bodega Bay?

A small bay 40 miles northwest of San Francisco and the site of the Russian-American Company's California enterprise at Fort Ross.
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How foggy is bodega bay?

It is by the ocean and San Francisco so it will get lots of morning fog.
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When was Bodega Bay discovered?

Bodega Bay was discovered in 1775 by the Spanish Peruvian explorer of the Spanish Navy Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra
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What is bodega mean in spanish?

Bodega usually means a small store, or a wine-cellar. It also could mean storeroom or warehouse.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Bodega - 2006?

The cast of Bodega - 2006 includes: Kareem Bandealy as Bathroom Key Guy Claire Elizabeth Saxe as Teenaged Girl Forest Hynes as Young Couple Male Jonathan Keaton as Man Samanth (MORE)
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What are the release dates for Bodega - 2006?

Bodega - 2006 was released on: Dominican Republic: 10 November 2006 (Dominican International Film Festival) USA: 21 August 2007 USA: October 2007 (Chicago International (MORE)