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What is a bodhi tree?

The Bodhi tree is the tree which the Buddha sat under for 49 days, Buddhists visit the tree as an act of worship
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What does the Bodhi tree symbolise?

The Bodhi-Tree or wisdom-tree is a sacred symbol in Buddhism for a number of reasons. . It represents the place of the Buddha's enlightenment, and is therefore sacred geograp ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of the name Bodhi?

It is Sanskrit for "awakening" or "enlightenment," as achieved by a Buddha (an awakened/enlightened person).supreme knowledge or enlightenment
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What is bodhi day?

The day when the spiritual awakening of Siddhartha Gautauma, credited as the founder of Buddhism, is celebrated. The exact day of the year varies by country and flavor of Budd ( Full Answer )
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Do people meditate at the bodhi tree?

Yes. The bodhi tree is significant for meditators because it was under such a tree that Buddha became enlightened.
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Why is a Bodhi tree important?

The Bodhi tree is the tree that the Buddha sat on the night he attained enlightenment.
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Who got happy while sitting under the Bodhi tree?

No one got "happy" under the Bodhi tree any more than people get happy anywhere on Earth. However, Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment some 2500 years ago while meditating u ( Full Answer )
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Where is the bodhi tree that Buddha sat under?

Bodh Gaya or Buddh Gaya (both: bʊd gä ' yä) , village (1991 pop. 21,692), Bihar state, E central India. According to tradition, ( Full Answer )
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The Buddha was tempted by who when he sat underneath the bodhi tree?

The buddha (in his final task before actually becoming the Buddha) was not tempted by anyone else when he sat under the bodhi tree, in-fact he was tempted by mara, the name f ( Full Answer )
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Do buddhists worship under bodhi trees?

No, and actually we don't worship anything (no gods, not even the Buddha). We revere the Buddha and all sentient beings.
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What did the bodhi tree represent?

The Bodhi tree represents the natural Earth providing shelter to the Buddha in his quest for enlightenment.
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Was prince sidhartha sit facing north under the bodhi tree achieving enlightenment?

It is said that he saw the morning star, which is venus, and rises in the east, so I would suppose he was probably facing east. Although many things that were written about ( Full Answer )
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Why did Ascetic Siddhartha choose to meditate under the Bodhi Tree?

the Bodhi Tree was just a normal tree before Siddhartha meditated under it so he just randomly picked any tree,maybe with leaves that shades underneath from the sun so he woul ( Full Answer )
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Is Bodhi a real name?

Yes, it is absolutely a real name, and there were people in ancient history with this name or a similar one.
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What do people do at the Bodhi Tree?

Bodhi trees are a favorite place for many people to meditate, because Buddha became enlightened under a Bodhi tree.
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What is knowledge of the Brahma and bodhi?

Bodhi is the name of the tree under which Buddha meditated. He attained enlightenment. Hence he is named as Buddha. it came from Bodhi.
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Is bodhi dharma is an Indian?

I accept bothi dharma is an indian... Because of some scientist told we are advaced in science, art and language communication. And also chnies also accepted hi is an south in ( Full Answer )
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Who is bodhi dharman?

Bodhi Darman Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk who lived during the 5th/6th century CE. He is traditionally credited as the transmitter of Ch'an (Sanskrit : Dhyāna , Ja ( Full Answer )
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How did bodhi dharma die?

I think that bodhi dharma was killed by the natives of that place(where bodhidharma lived)who mixed poison in his food. Even bodhidharma knew that his food contained poison he ( Full Answer )
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What did the Buddha discover under the Bodhi tree?

After 46 days of meditating under the Bodhi tree, the Buddha reached what is known as enlightenment which means that he knew the truth about the way things are. He wanted to f ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Sinn Bodhi been in?

Sinn Bodhi has: Played Himself (1996) in "WXW Rage TV" in 1996. Played Kizarny in "PWS: Brawl for Paul" in 2009. Played Kizarny in "WWE Superstars" in 2009. Played Watermelon ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Bodhi Elfman been in?

Bodhi Elfman has: Played Clerk in "Married with Children" in 1987. Played Mark in "Life Goes On" in 1989. Played Garry in "Step by Step" in 1991. Played Busboy in "Sisters" in ( Full Answer )