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Why did the Indians use a bola?

Bola The bola " a piece of rope with weighted objects on the ends" it is kindof like those things that you throw that have golf balls at the end and you throw it and it raps (MORE)
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What is a bola?

A weapon consisting of balls connected by strong cord, which when thrown entangles the limbs of the quarry.
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What is the recipe to make Dutch Ola Bolas?

It is basically Jiffy (or any old bisquick, etc) Biscuit Mix and fruits. Make the jiffy mix (blueberry works great) normally, as if you were to make biscuits or pancakes (n (MORE)
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What do bolas spiders eat?

Bolas spiders hunt by using a sticky strand of silk on the end of aline known as bolas. Their main diet consists of different speciesof moths.
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Is there such thing as a Bolas Spider?

Yes, Bolas Spiders are unusual orb-weaver spiders that do not spin the typical web. Instead, they hunt by using a sticky 'capture blob' of silk on the end of a line. By swin (MORE)
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How did the Indians throw a bola?

There are many different types of bola, ranging from two weights on rope tied together to as many as 10 in the small game versions! The most common bola, one consisting of 3 w (MORE)
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What is the definition of bola?

If you're asking because you nedd help in Mrs. McKinleys hard geography class, here ya go.... A bola is a piece of rope with weighted objects on the ends. It was thrown at wh (MORE)
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What is a bola for horses?

A bola is a sort of bitless bridle. sort of like a hackamore, but different.... south american.
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What was bola?

it is a rope with weights attached, used especially in South America to catch cattle or game by entangling their legs.
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What cut of beef is bola?

The 'Bolar' is a cut of meat from the blade of the chuck (shoulder). When left in a large piece it is called a bolar roast and when cut into steaks it is known as blade steak. (MORE)
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What is the English of bola?

The word bola is Portuguese and translates into English as the wordball. The word bola is said in Latin as pila.
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Cyclone Bola struck when and where?

Cyclone Bola struck the north and east coast of New Zealand's North Island in March 1988. It hit the Hawke's Bay and Gisborne East Cape region, affecting the towns of Gisborne (MORE)
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How many legs does the bolas spider have?

All spiders have 8 legs so it's a pretty simple question to answer, so I'm 99.9% sure that Bolas spiders have 8 legs. Hope this is helpful!
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How do you get nicol bolas from a booster pack?

There are two types of Nicol Bolas There's the original Nicol Bolas and then there's the Nicol Bolas Planeswalker from the Shards of Alara block.
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Teknik menjaring bola keranjang?

tidak ada jawaban pasti untuk menjawab pertanyaan ini, namun apabila yang dimaksud adalah teknik menjaringkan bola ke keranjang, yang perlu anda pelajari adalah berlatih dan b (MORE)
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What is a bola in law enforcement?

A BOLO stand for Be On Lookout for a specific criminal activity, suspects or victim that may be apprehended based on provided facts provided by witnesses. Usually a BOLO is se (MORE)
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Where is the bolas spider found at?

Bolas Spiders are usually found in some parts Australia, Africa, and gulf states of North America. Mastophora Cornigera is plentiful in Orange County, California.
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What happens if you play Nicol bolas planes walker and Nicol bolas?

Nothing. The Planeswalker is not a Legendary Creature, and the creature is not a Planeswalker. Therefore neither the Legendary rule or the Planeswalker Uniqueness rule will co (MORE)
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How old is Bola de Nieve?

Bola de Nieve was born on September 11, 1911 and died on October 2, 1971. Bola de Nieve would have been 60 years old at the time of death or 103 years old today.
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What is bola sling?

it is a rope with weight attached,use especially in South America to catch cattle or game by engtangling their legs
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Is Nicol Bolas standard for Magic the Gathering?

When you say standard, do you mean Standard the format, also know as Type 2? If so yes, Nicol Bolas - Planeswalker is, currently, a legal card in all formats. The Nicol Bola (MORE)
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What is Bola sinorita in spanish?

Una grosería, como uno le diga "bola" a una señorita, le da a uno menudo bofetón que ni para qué.
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Where can one buy a bola in Texas?

In regards to being able to purchase a bola in Texas, they are available at local retail stores. Some examples of these stores are your local Target or Walmart. Other places (MORE)
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What movie and television projects has Bola Aiyeola been in?

Bola Aiyeola has: Played Nurse in "This Is Wonderland" in 2004. Played Fortune Teller in "Instant Star" in 2004. Played Sympathizer 17 in "Bonded Pairs" in 2007. Played Nells (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Bola - 2012?

The cast of Bola - 2012 includes: Ligaya Bustamante as Melba Simon Ibarra as Sheldon Arnel Ignacio as Pandy Dustin Jose as Rito Rico Lazaro as Obet Jeff Luna as Basketball Pla (MORE)
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What has the author T Bolas written?

T. Bolas has written: 'The application of photography to the production of printing surfaces and pictures in pigment' 'Stereotypes or mouldings from photographs in relief, (MORE)
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What has the author Thomas Bolas written?

Thomas Bolas has written: 'A handbook of photography in colors ..' -- subject(s): Color photography 'The application of photography to the production of printing surfaces (MORE)
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What has the author Bola Akanji written?

Bola Akanji has written: 'The changes in the structure of export crop and food-crop production under the structural adjustment programme' -- subject(s): Cocoa trade, Structu (MORE)
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Is bola a word?

Yes, bola is that name of a contraption of a rope and two balls. Ithas been used in South America to lasso animals.