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Who has played for both Manchester clubs and both Merseyside clubs?

Peter Bearsley Years Club App (Gls) *1979-1982 1981-1982 1982-1983 1983 1983-1987 1987-1991 1991-1993 1993-1997 1997-1998 1998 1998 1998-1999 1999 1999 Carlisle United Van (MORE)
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What rhymes with both?

betroth , both , growth , ingrowth , loath , oath ,outgrowth , quoth , sukkoth , troth and that all i know .
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Is both a plural?

The word is an adjective, adverb, conjunction and a pronoun. Technically it refers to two items or people so is a "dual pronoun" when used thus. Otherwise, it is not a plural. (MORE)
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I believe in both God and Satan. Is it okay to believe in both of them?

Of course it is - one doesn't make much sense without the other.. Yes,. It is OK, since God did make Satan. If you are a Christian of some sort, Satan is always going to be (MORE)
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Both your husband and you are addicted to Meth how do you both stop?

Obviously, there is nor simple, straightforward, or concise answer to this question. there is also no answer that could apply to every single couple, because every couple is i (MORE)
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Friction can be both what and what?

\nA frictional force (given by g(x,y,z) = arcsinwt + volume/dispersive Force) and an introvertial force (given by I = 4-dimensional area/ combination of n,m random variables s (MORE)
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How are you a both?

if you are both male and female at the same time then yes, you are a both
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A force has both what?

A force is a vector quantity, meaning it has both a magnitude and a direction.
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Is both a conjunction?

Not by itself. But it can be used with and as acompound (correlative) conjunction. (e.g. Both men and women are humans). Both is normally a pronoun or adjective (both saw th (MORE)
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What are both Testaments about?

The old testament is about Jewish history and its prophets, telling about the wrath of god if they failed to listen to the prophets and gods word. And the coming of the Messia (MORE)
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You have two spirits in you both are you yet both are not you... help?

Up to a point you are right, let me try and explain just what I mean. At some time prior to your birth your spirit entered your body making you a living person. This spirit wa (MORE)
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Can you have a sentence with both I and is?

Only if they are in two different clauses, since the form of to be with I is "am". Examples: "I can see that it is raining outside." "I am the one who is responsible." (un (MORE)
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What is an adjective for both?

The word both can act as an adjective ( both boys )when used with nouns. Although it may be considered a quantifier ordeterminer, it acts like an adjective, so there is no s (MORE)
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Is both a preposition?

No, it is not. It is either a conjunction or an adjective, depending on how it is used. Conjunction (used as a linking word, usually as part of the expression both... and): Bo (MORE)
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Both is or are?

The indefinite pronoun 'both' is a plural form; the correctverb is are . The children are lost and both are hungry.
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Is both and are verbs?

The word 'are' is a verb (or auxiliary verb) a form of theverb to be. The word 'both' is not a verb. The word 'both' is an adjective , a conjunction , andan indefinite p (MORE)
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When people worship god are they really worshiping Satan because they both kill they both deceive they both lust for your souls they both they both they both?

Father Yah is the name of the most High God, and His Son is named Yahshua Christ, John 5:43. God inhabits eternity, where flesh& blood cannot live. The difference is time, whi (MORE)
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Are they both mammles?

No wonder no one has answered your question what's it supposed to mean and you have spelt mammals wrong too a five year old could spell that learn to wright!
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What is the synonym for both?

A pair Synonyms for both include: one and the other the couple the pair the two twain
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Is both a noun?

The word 'both' is a pronoun , an adjective , and a conjunction . The pronoun 'both' is an indefinite pronoun , a word thattakes the place of a noun (nouns) for two people (MORE)
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When does both process?

The Government Printing Office prints the revised bill in a processcalled enrolling. Both are subject to the same procedure, exceptfor a joint resolution.