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What are Web Bots?

A bot, most prominently in the first-person shooter types (FPS), is a type of weak AI expert system software which for each instance of the program controls a player in deathm ( Full Answer )
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What is a bot?

well In IRC (internet relay chat) a bot can either do a good or bad thing Friendly bots are just things what automaticly say hello in a chat channel or say have a nice day, b ( Full Answer )
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What is a web-bot?

Web-Bot was an integrated system that was used to make predictions about the stock market (when a crash would occur, etc). In consperacy theories, Web-Bot is a system that ( Full Answer )
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What is spy bot?

its anti spyware stops viruses very usefull and they have a free version that is frequently updated
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What is bots acclaim?

BOTS Acclaim is an Online game where you can pick one of three robot races (Surge, Ram, and forgot the other one). You can either do "story" mode where you just fight NPC's. G ( Full Answer )
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What does BOT stands for?

-noun a device or piece of software that can execute commands, reply to messages, or perform routine tasks, as online searches, either automatically or with minimal human inte ( Full Answer )
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What is bots?

Answer Courtesy of Wikipedia:. BOTS!! (or BOTS) is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) created by Acclaim Games. It is a multi-player online robotic fighting game, fea ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of bot?

The meaning of bot depends on the circumstances it is beingused: for instance, a bot could be a botfly larva. Or, incomputers, a software application running automated tasks o ( Full Answer )
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What is the Web Bot?

The Web Bot appears to be a computer program that has been written to search the web for keywords that are then used to predict future events. It was first launched in 1997 to ( Full Answer )
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Is there A sex bot?

Short answer: not yet. Medium answer: hopefully sooner than later! Many many people (perhaps millions) are waiting! Long answer: It depends on what you mean by sex bo ( Full Answer )
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What is botting?

Botting refers to the act of running a program that plays the game for you, without your interaction. This is against the WoW Terms of Service that are agreed to everytime you ( Full Answer )
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How do you get on to you bot?

firs go on to the website then if you like it you are a jabberwooky ps: ask what a jabberwooky is on wikianswers
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What is a gh3 bot?

A GH3 bot is a program that will play all of the notes perfectly on guitar hero. how do you install it and where do your get it
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Where to get a web-bot?

If there was such a thing as a web bot,You dont honestly think it would be readily available to the general public do you!?. Its a secret software programme for use in 'sensi ( Full Answer )
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What is clever bot?

is it a robot a person a cumputer i dont know i need the answer they say it has killed ben is it true or not
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How can you get a bot flies?

You can get bot flies by traveling to areas that have them. Theseareas are typically tropical areas that are wet and warm.
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How do you ban bot in acclaim bots?

You can't ban bots, but you can report a user for using a bot which will ban them from the game.
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Who is clever bot?

Clever Bot is a mix of people, everyone who goes on the site and talks to cleverbot basically contributes to the knowledge of cleverbot, the things it says to you are things p ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with bot?

Rot Cot Lot Blot Clot Forgot Yacht Spot Sot Slot Snot Mascot Shot Knot Not Trot Hot Dot
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Is clever bot a bot?

how do ub know exactly the page does say it is bbut they could liethey say it has killled ben now i dont know what to belive cousethier so many mysteries in the world and so l ( Full Answer )
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What are RuneScape bots?

Runescape bots are programs that people use to quickly level up there skills. i.e it does all of the work for them Botting gets you a permanent ban with no second chances.
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What is an afk bot?

An "AFK Bot" is a computer-controlled player in an internet game. (AFK Stands for "Away From Keyboard").
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How do you bot in RuneScape?

Botting is using a robotic program to play the game for you. They can be very helpful. You can go to RSBuddy or Epicbot or NexusBot or RSBot or Powerbot. Some are better than ( Full Answer )
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How Do You Bot RuneScape?

its illegal. their original site ( was taken down but new site is up called powerbot then dot then org i just joined answers so i dont know wethere there are pins
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What are smart bots?

It seems to be another term for bots or robots. Maybe indicating they are "smarter" than other bots.
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How do you bot in Maplestory?

Uh, i don't think there are any bots for maplestory, unless you pay someone to do it, but that wouldn't be a very smart choice to give someone your password. well actual ( Full Answer )
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What are dota bots?

Computer players in AI versions of the map that you may play against OR, if you are refering to someone in-game calling "bot mia" it is a refrence to the bottom lane.
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Where to get free bots?

It is against the rules of Jagex / Runescape to use bots. Since a recent Bot Nuke, many bots on Runescape have been wiped out; 98% to be exact. Also, Jagex has begun to crack ( Full Answer )
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What are bots on RuneScape?

Bots are programs that do work for you while you watch TV or something. However you can get permenantly banned for botting.
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Is there a bot for wizard101?

No...... In fact I don't even know what a 'bot' is but there isn't one for Wizard101.
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How do you get bot flies?

Botflies lay their eggs in wounds, or sometimes on smaller insectswhich give the larvae a "ride" until they reach a suitable host.
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What does the bot fly do?

the bot fly dose not lay its eggs directly, instead it btes a smaller host insect and lays it in there, if the small incet bites a human the eggs are impregnated into it, ther ( Full Answer )
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How do get rid of a BOT?

You can try AVAST or Tucows, both are pretty good Free virus software products. But it almost certainly take a good virus software to get sense it & get rid of it. Look them u ( Full Answer )
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How do bot flies get into you?

Botflies lay their eggs in wounds or sometimes on smaller insects,in which case the larvae drop off when the insect lands on asuitable host.
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What is a chat bot?

A chatbot is a service, powered by rules and sometimes artificialintelligence, that you interact with via a chat interface.