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Where can you find diagrams or plans to build a face brick braai in a lapa?

That sounds like the kind of thing most people want to do from their imaginations and according to the shape/design of the lapa. I've done 3 in the past few years and people ( Full Answer )
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What is a brick braai?

Braai is an Afrikaans (South Africa) word for barbeque, so it's likely a brick barbeque grill. Answer: "Braai" is a Afrikaans word that means barbecue or roast..This is ( Full Answer )
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How do you find plans for a brick braai?

For a brick barbecue it is best to sit with pen and paper and plan your own customized theory that will please your own functionality expectations.-- you just need to know wha ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of the Afrikaans word braai which translates into English as barbecue?

Please note that the word BRAAI is now part of the South African English dictionary.Braai in English refers to an "outdoor grill" known in GB and US English as a barbeque.The ( Full Answer )
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How does national braai day unite south Africa as a whole?

A love for lighting a fire and cooking food on the resultant coals is the one thing that all South Africans have in common. Although there are a few other phrases for it, the ( Full Answer )
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Is cooking in plastic bags dangerous to your health like cooking steak on a braai grid in the bag it's sold in or defrosting meat on the styrofoam tray and cling wrap it's bought in?

It is a really bad idea to put styrofoam, cling film, etc. in an oven and in contact with your food. You and I have no idea what kind of chemicals could be released and come i ( Full Answer )