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Value of print by RL Mcintyre Banks and Braes?

Most of the prints are worth a price close to $20 to $30. The exactprice will depend upon the exact print and its condition.
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What is a la brae?

La Brea (plural: Las Breas) is Spanish for "the tar" or "the tar pits") and may refer to: . The La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, California . La Brea, Trinidad and Tobago, ( Full Answer )
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When was Skara Brae discovered?

Skara Brae was originally discovered in1850 when a great storm came over Orkney. Some people excavated it. then in 1927 there was another storm and more of Skara brae was foun ( Full Answer )
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What are braes?

"Brae" can refer to a steep bank of a river valley, or to any slope or hill (it is typically an English and Scottish term). "Braes" is also an old-fashioned spelling for br ( Full Answer )
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What happened so that Skara Brae could be found?

Im not sure of the details but i think that a big storm came and uncovered many layer of sand, which lead to the dicovery and excavation of Skara brae. "There was nothing part ( Full Answer )
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Skara Brae burial sites?

skara brae itself wasnt a burial site but burial sites near itinclude the mais howe and the falcon tomb
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Who is bonnie brae?

It has always been my understanding that the term Bonnie Brae referred to a Scotsman's sword, but I can see that it also means in a sense a beautiful hillside as in the town o ( Full Answer )
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What did the Skara Brae people eat?

They eat off of the land. They eat fish, deer, bird ect. Improved: They were farmers so they would have cattle, sheep etc.They would also have wheat to make bread (quern stone ( Full Answer )
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What did Skara Brae people wear?

The evidence left at Skara Brae indicates that animal skins wouldhave been the primary clothing, although they could have decoratedit with shells or feathers, as we surmise th ( Full Answer )
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Where is skara brae located?

Skara Brae is a large stone-built settlement, located on the Bay of Skaill on the west coast of Mainland, Orkney, Scotland.
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What does bonnie brae mean?

Bonnie means 'nice looking' or 'pleasing on the eye'. A Brae is an upward slope or the rise up to the top of a hill. Loch Lomond has 'bonnie banks' as in the song. A man could ( Full Answer )
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Where did skara brae get its name from?

Before its unearthing as a result of a heavy storm, Skara Brae was simply a grassy hill, serving as a named landmark to the locals, who called it "Skerrabra," which had been t ( Full Answer )
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Where is Braes high school?

Braes High school is situated in the south eastern suburbs of the town of Falkirk in central Scotland.
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What was the skara brae religion?

Skara Brae religion is still unknown to this day, although it shows the sun and moon were a big part of their life. They also have burial mounds so there must be some belief i ( Full Answer )
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Who was tycho brae?

Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) was an astronomer and alchemist who was well known for his accurate astrological observations and his massive observatory. He took on Johannes Kepler a ( Full Answer )
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Why do people shop in the Brae Head Centre in Glasgow?

It is a very large shopping centre, with many shops. It is at theedge of the city, so people don't have to go into the city centre.There is good parking available. There are o ( Full Answer )
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Why did the people of skare brae build stone houses?

Probably because stone (quarried or gathered from the beach) wasthe only solid structural source available. On such windsweptislands, trees could only grow in sheltered clefts ( Full Answer )