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What is Smash Bros.?

Super Smash Bros. is a game series featured on the Nintendo Consoles. Currently only three games have been officially released:. Super Smash Bros. - Nintendo 64 . Super Smas ( Full Answer )
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What is smash bros?

The Super Smash Bros. series is a game series with 3 installations. The first game was Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64 in 1999. It featured 12 characters and multiplayer ( Full Answer )
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Who are the Mario bros?

Super Mario Bros are Mario and Luigi from the Nintendo games like Super Mario bros 1 2 3 Super Mario RPG Super Mario 64 etc Mario are Nintendos mascot and Luigi are Marios bro ( Full Answer )
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Who are the Jo bros?

Kevin joe and nick of course also they said this to me....... EVERYBODY WATES UR CARROTS CAUSE THEY ARE BIG i don't care if you say its not real but iit is real
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How do you get ness in Super Smash Bros.?

you have to put the difficulty on at least normal, and the lives on three and beat it without a continue.
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What is Warner Bros?

it is a company who make many well known antimations and films, such as bugs bunny and harry potter :D
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Who is S Bros?

s bros full name is super smash bros. and it is a video game the best video game in the world to be exact
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What does bro mean?

A "bro" can be: . short for "brother", this can mean your actual sibling, or just another man . a black man, used if you yourself are a black man . a friend . a male who ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with bro?

words that rhyme with bro:. bow. co. dough. foe. go. joe. low. mo. no. oh. row. sew. so. yo. show. grow. mow. hope this helps!!!!!:) moe
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Is bro in the dictionary?

i don't think it is in the dictionary as an abbreviation for brother, but it could mean somethin else.
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Who is the Mario bros?

they are two plumbers. The short slightly 'plump' one is Mario [the red one] and the tall green one is luigi. They are a cartoon and brothers. thet are know in various games.
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Who are the joe bros?

the joe bors are a rock band. and they can be who they want to be.They don't let anyone tell them who to be. it count what is in the outside but more of it counts what is insi ( Full Answer )
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Who are the jonsa bros?

a boy band of three teenager boys... on Disney channale and other things like Hana Montana
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Who are the the joe bros?

the Jonas brothers are a band of brothers that grew up in New Jersey. there names are nick,joe and Kevin Jonas. nick Jonas has diabetes and joe has straight hair the others ha ( Full Answer )
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What is afrikaans for bro?

The Afrikaans for bro is 'boet'. It is used in the same way as bro to talk about a brother or about a friend. A common greeting among friends is, "Hey Boet!"
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What is bro hoe?

a bro hoe is a girl who hangs with a groups of guys called "bros." normally the guys smoke pot & hookah & love to drink, dirt bike, fight, race, &PARTY. bro hoes love all the ( Full Answer )
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What is BrO AcT?

There are two common uses: 1) a trojan (Bro-Act.exe) that can be moved from PC to PC 2) an Indian proposal in 2010 affecting the Border RoadsOrganization
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How do you prank your bro?

From one annoyed sibling to another, I will bless you with this information. Duct tape can do wonders. If you have make-up, smother their face with make-up at three in the mor ( Full Answer )
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Do bros annoy you?

well brothers known as (bros) can be annoying at some time they can really help you they help you out of a pit hole and defend you you should respect your brothers
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Get super Mario bros or super Mario bros 3?

I personally think that Super Mario bros 3 is way better, and I believe most people would agree with me on that. R3 Gamers
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Is there going to be another smash bros after smash bros brawl?

Its not made official but at some interview the creator of brawl said there probably not going to make another super smash bros only because he thinks he put everything he cou ( Full Answer )
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How do you add bros on gun bros?

you must have a game center account and then you get friends on game ceneter. if you also play gun bros then they should pop up on your list. the time it takes for them to pop ( Full Answer )
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Who are the og bros?

Vince, ben, noe, and I guess Jadrien. But for sure the other three are true bros. R.I.P the great gatsby(the bro).
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What are Bro Sports?

Lacrosse: For total Bro's Hockey: Not Really American Football: Yah, Football and Lacrosse are closey alike Baseball: No, no contact involved Basketball: Yah, real ( Full Answer )
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Will get you that bro?

get your bro to fall for a fack £100 and make him give you money
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What is the bro cave?

According to, the best site for anything having to do with slang terms, a bro cave is a place for guys to relax together. ( ( Full Answer )
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What is lax bro?

Not in Spanish but in the American slang. A lacrosse amateur. See the link below.
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What is a insta bro?

a magical connection between 2 men. thus creates an instant bro. the slang term is: insta bro.
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What are dhoom bros?

dhoom bros is a group of boys who make people laugh .the best part of dhoom bros is that they are very nice & they give respect to their fans
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What did the Wright Bros do?

Many things to do with bicycles. They also were the first documented people to successfully fly a plane for a short period of time.
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Who were the pedtibone bros?

The Pettibone Bros. were manufacturers of different types of swords used in rituals and other important events.
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What is bro-mace?

A bromance is a close non-romantic relationship between twomen. The word is made up from 'bro' (brother) and 'mance'(romance).