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What is a bus?

In transportation A bus A bus is a method of transport, mainly used by the youngerpopulation and the older population, it's also used by people thatdon't own an automobile or ( Full Answer )
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From where you get bus?

tends to be your local bus stop, where you may find drunk people who want to kiss you and people trying to sell you drugs. HAPPY FACE :D
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Can you get into BU?

The only way you can get into Boston College is if you write good college essays and don't blow off high school. Remember Boston college is a hard high school to get into as i ( Full Answer )
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Do you say in the bus or on the bus?

It depends on what you're trying to say. "In the bus" means thatyou're inside, or it could refer to a part of the bus that's insidethe engine. "On the bus" can mean that you h ( Full Answer )
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On the bus or in the bus?

On the bus means that you are on top of the bus. In the bus means that you are inside the bus.
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Why do they call a bus in serial bus?

A bus is just a collection of wires or a means to carry data. The term came from the old days when the main board only had traces and sockets, and no real components. The back ( Full Answer )
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How do bus drivers get on their own bus?

They dont they borrow it from HSR Presumably, when they approach it, it isn't running wild, so they can get on board fairly easily.
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What is difference between in a bus and on a bus?

The correct sentence formation would be : "He got onto the bus." AND NOT "He got into the bus." This is because when a person boards a bus , it is in a standing positio ( Full Answer )
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Why data bus is bidirectional bus?

A data bus is bidirectional because the processor needs it to both read and write.