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Why do you get a bump on your head when you hit it and not just a bruise?

Your head has a much denser blood supply than most of the rest ofyour skin. It's there to support the hair. When you bump your shinon the coffee table, a modest amount of bloo (MORE)
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Why do bruises to the head cause bumps?

Bruising occurs when the walls of blood vessels are damaged and blood escapes into the tissues causing red , brown or greenish swelling. Over the next few weeks the body absor (MORE)
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Hard bump on face under bruise?

A hard bump under a bruise on the face may not be anything serious.It can be caused by a hematoma, which is a collection of bloodduring the healing process.
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What is a Shin bruise with a lump and pain but cant remember bumping it Had it for six weeks?

Hematoma A hematoma is a firm pocket of accumulated blood appearing as a painful lump under the skin resulting from impact damage to blood vessels. Hematomas frequently occur (MORE)
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Why do i have bruises and bumps on my legs for no reason?

I always wake up with mysterious bumps and bruises on my legs, my problem is though I usually bang my legs on things and fall than forget about it. If you are worried about it (MORE)