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Whats the meaning of Bunas rubber?

Buna S rubber is a type of synthetic rubber made up of two monomersput together to form a polymer. It was invented by Germanscientists in 1935.
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What was Buna?

Buna (also known as Monowitz or Auschwitz III) was a very harsh Nazi concentration camp and part of the Auschwitz group of camps. Unlike most other concentration camps it was ( Full Answer )
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Does butterfly valves with EPDM or BUNA-N seats require a gasket?

Wafer and lug style butterfly valves don't require a separate gasket. The same gasket acts as a seat and a seal against the flanges that hold the valve in place. An AWWA butte ( Full Answer )
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What does Eliezer do at Buna?

Eliezer and other Jews are placed in blocks and another lot of terrible things happen to him. The most important part is where the Jews are put in blocks of electricians, Maso ( Full Answer )
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What was the buna concentration camp?

The Buna-Werke, which made synthetic rubber, was part of the I.-G. Farben Group. It established its very own (private entreprise) concentration camp close to Auschwitz. It was ( Full Answer )
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What was manufactured at the Buna slave labor facility?

Nothing was exactly manufactured at the Buna slave labor facility. I assume you think they were manufacturing something there because you read something that mentions the forc ( Full Answer )
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What was manufactured at Buna concentration camp?

The Buna camp (Monowitz, Auschwitz III) made various plastics for I.-G. Farben. It was the first concentration camp built by private entreprise.
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Where was the Buna Camp?

The Buna camp was at Monowitz, about 3-4 miles from Auschwitz I and II. It is often referred to as Auschwitz III.
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Is Buna-N compatiable with Sea Water?

A seal material compatability chart available at .... Would recommend Buna-n for Salt water service.
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What is the reaction of buna rubber?

buna can be synthesised from ethanol 2C2H5OH------>CH2=CH-CH-CH2 +H2O+H2 in the presence of Al203 and ZnO
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What are the Buna N and Buna S rubbers?

1. Buna-N: nitrile rubber , also known as , Perbunan , or NBR , is asynthetic rubber copolymer of acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene. Trade names include Nipol , Krynac ( Full Answer )
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What happened in buna?

Buna (aka Monowitz or Auschwitz III) was a private entreprise concentration camp run by the German chemicals conglomerate, I-G Farben. It made various platics using slave labo ( Full Answer )
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Is Buna-N named after Buna Texas?

Any link with Texas. Bu - from butadiene Na - from natrium N - from nitrile
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How was Buna different from the other camps?

Buna was a private entreprise camp, set up and owned by IG-Farben. However, it used slave labour provided by the SS, and the inmates were supervised by the SS.
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What is the difference between Buna-N and Buna-S?

Both are copolymers. Whereas Buna-N is a copolymer of 1,3-butadieneand acrylonitrile, Buna-S is a copolymer of 1,3-butadiene andstyrene.
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Where is the Buna village located?

Buna Village is a small village located at the intersection of the Buna River and the Neretva River. It is a small river but is considered a journey mark along the river.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Husinska buna - 1980?

The cast of Husinska buna - 1980 includes: Rudi Alvadj as Brkica Zoran Becic Milica Blagojevic Branko Cvejic Jelena Cvorovic as Jelena Rejhan Demirdzic as Predsjednik Miroslav ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Timocka buna - 1983?

The cast of Timocka buna - 1983 includes: Faruk Begolli as Potpukovnik Milan Bogosavljevic Nenad Ciganovic Vesna Cipcic as Kraljica Natalija Obrenovic Snezana Jaksic Dusan Jan ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Buna - 1975?

The cast of Buna - 1975 includes: Dimitar Bochev Nikola Dadov Todor Dimov Plamen Donchev Margarita Duparinova Grozdan Gertzov Anton Gorchev as Dobrikata Stoyan Gudev Snezhana ( Full Answer )
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What are the release dates for O zi buna de plaja - 2008?

O zi buna de plaja - 2008 was released on: Germany: 8 February 2008 (Berlin International Film Festival) USA: 18 October 2008 (Chicago International Film Festival) Czec ( Full Answer )
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What are the release dates for Buna Ce faci - 2010?

Buna Ce faci - 2010 was released on: Romania: 28 May 2010 (Transilvania International Film Festival) USA: 12 January 2011 (Palm Springs Internation Film Festival) Roman ( Full Answer )