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What is a bus?

In transportation A bus A bus is a method of transport, mainly used by the youngerpopulation and the older population, it's also used by people thatdon't own an automobile or ( Full Answer )
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What does bus in bus cable stand for?

Answer . \nIt doesn't stand for anything. Bus refers to a number of things but generally it's a pathway between a resource and a device on a computer, which is presumably w ( Full Answer )
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What is a kneeling bus?

the bus can lower itself, by letting air out of its suspension system, to allow deployment of a wheel chair ramp. The driver press's a button and it releases the air out of t ( Full Answer )
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What does the data bus do?

It's the school bus that picks you up to drive you to and from school xD. It was hard work for me to think of this answer to help you out, so I really !!! :D
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Who invented the bus and when?

1898: The world's first bus series launched by Daimler - a milestone for passenger transport
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What is the a Tata bus?

it is a bus produced by tata India it is a bus produced by tata India
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What does bu bu mean?

Bu bu is somthing that comes out of your ass so its left over food or bu bu also means you have a bu bu like that you hurt yourself.There ya happy? Too many phrases in the C ( Full Answer )
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Is it ride in the bus or ride on the bus?

Strictly speaking, you would ride "in the bus" because to be "on the bus" would mean that you are on the roof. However, people often say that they ride on the bus when they me ( Full Answer )
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From where you get bus?

tends to be your local bus stop, where you may find drunk people who want to kiss you and people trying to sell you drugs. HAPPY FACE :D
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Why bus called bus?

Well a bus is a circuit that connects the CPU with other devices in a computer. So i i assume its much like a bus line.
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Can you get into BU?

The only way you can get into Boston College is if you write good college essays and don't blow off high school. Remember Boston college is a hard high school to get into as i ( Full Answer )
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What is swing bus?

the swing bus is selected bus that has a fictitious generator with a p.u magntiude and phase angle equal zero the power flow calculations ,The extra required energy or ex ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Pikachu on the bus?

I saw it, I wanted it, I caught it, and it F***** my ninetales for a vulpix...
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Do you say in the bus or on the bus?

It depends on what you're trying to say. "In the bus" means thatyou're inside, or it could refer to a part of the bus that's insidethe engine. "On the bus" can mean that you h ( Full Answer )
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On the bus or in the bus?

On the bus means that you are on top of the bus. In the bus means that you are inside the bus.
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Why is bus invented?

the bus is invented because leah, pascale, mel and alissa felt the world needed a bus! :)
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Why bus is important?

since the people wants to travel from one place to another transportation is very important. Bus is one among the important transport because it costs very low than any other, ( Full Answer )
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What is the Bait Bus?

Bait bus ia abput these girls who trick straight guys into haveing sex with the gay guys the put a blind fold ont the straight guy while a gay guy sucks there dick and when th ( Full Answer )
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Why do they call a bus in serial bus?

A bus is just a collection of wires or a means to carry data. The term came from the old days when the main board only had traces and sockets, and no real components. The back ( Full Answer )
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What is PV bus?

In power systems, there are 3 types of buses: swing bus, load bus and voltage controlled bus. PV bus is another name for voltage controlled bus.
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What are bus speeds?

bus speed is a speed measured in megahertz that is detemines howfast the memory and cpu runs. high-quality memory is required forhigher bus speed
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How do bus drivers get on their own bus?

They dont they borrow it from HSR Presumably, when they approach it, it isn't running wild, so they can get on board fairly easily.
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Why travel by bus?

u travel by bus because it can save the planet because the people that are on the bus aren't in their cars damaging the o zone but are in a bus with other people damaging the ( Full Answer )
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Is bus a verb?

It can be, yes. You can "bus" a table, which means to clean it offand get it ready for the next people. Or you can "bus" students toschool, which has them riding to school in ( Full Answer )
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When will you get hit by a bus?

I don't know... Maybe today... Maybe tomorrow... Or maybe then next day... Hopefully not anytime soon=)
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What is difference between in a bus and on a bus?

The correct sentence formation would be : "He got onto the bus." AND NOT "He got into the bus." This is because when a person boards a bus , it is in a standing positio ( Full Answer )
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What is the bus brand of your school bus?

My School doesn't have a school bus or a walking one we get drove or we walk or ride I sometimes ride or walk I get to choose however our school does have a bus that we go on ( Full Answer )
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Why data bus is bidirectional bus?

A data bus is bidirectional because the processor needs it to both read and write.
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Is slack bus a reference bus?

In electrical engineering, you may here the term slack bus, swingbus or reference bus. A slack bus is the bus in where the powerflow software accumulates the delta between gen ( Full Answer )
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Can you buy a bus ticket at the bus?

Most buses allow you to pay on the bus. Most buses allow you to pay on the bus. Most buses allow you to pay on the bus. Most buses allow you to pay on the bus. Most buses ( Full Answer )
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What is a bus and who invented bus?

A bus is a motorized version of the previous horsedrawn omnibus. Itis a vehicle that carries many passengers. Blaise Pascal invented public omnibus service in Paris, which hec ( Full Answer )