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What is bye-law?

The word bylaw most commonly refers to a city or municipal law or ordinance, passed under the authority of a charter or provincial/state law specifying what things may be regu (MORE)
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What is a bye-way?

Byway, not bye-way. It's a road. A bypass is a road that avoids some obstacles, but a byway is generally any non-major road.
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When do they go bye-bye?

they go 480 times a yeAR Ya theY Do... people just dont know when geniuses are stupid... . lappp
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What is the origin of 'bye bye'?

Mexico - started from bye dela BYEE BYEE . 1700-10; appar. orig. nursery phrase used to lull a child to sleep, later construed as reduplicative form of by 2 , short for goo (MORE)
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What does 'bye' mean?

Bye Means When You Talk To Some One And They Are Leaving You Will Say "Bye!"
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What is 'bye' in Icelandic?

bless or bæ _____________ Also, Vertu sæll if you're talking to a male or Vertu sæl if you're talking to a female.
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What does 'bye' mean on Club Penguin?

it means goodbye. other words abreviations: np=no problem idk=i dont know nvm=never mind idc=i dont care gtg=get to go brb=by right back
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Difference between 'bye-bye' and 'good-bye'?

bye bye and good bye are the same thing except that you are putting good in front of it Good bye is more formal, used with those people with whom you may not be familiar - (MORE)
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What is the meaning of bye-bye in Japanese?

Casually: じゃあね (jaane), またね (matane), バイバイ (baibai) Politely: さようなら (sayounara)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Bye-Bye Souirty - 1998?

The cast of Bye-Bye Souirty - 1998 includes: Mohamed Bastaoui as Larbi Abdellah Didane as Rabi Hassan Essakali as Kacem Abdellatif Khamouli as Immigrant Mohammed Miftah as Gan (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Bye-Bye - 1995?

The cast of Bye-Bye - 1995 includes: Ahmed Aderrahim as Nouredine Philippe Ambrosini as Ludo Marie Borowski as Bobo Sami Bouajila as Ismael Christian Carnus as Rene Ouassini E (MORE)
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What is a zeta-bye?

A zettabyte is 10 to the 21st power bytes of data. Most of us are familiar with megabytes, right? 1024 megabytes is a gigabyte. 1024 gigabytes is one terabyte. 1024 terab (MORE)
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What are the release dates for Bye-Bye - 1995?

Bye-Bye - 1995 was released on: France: May 1995 (Cannes Film Festival) France: 30 August 1995 Canada: 12 September 1995 (Toronto International Film Festival) Greece: (MORE)