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Why does will dislike aunt loma?

she is only six years older than him, and when she turned twelve, she made him call her Aint Loma, and since he refused, destroyed his toy soldiers.
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Does loma mean hills?

No, loma doesn't mean hills. Search it on wikipedia cause there are several meanings and locations Loma is.
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What were the causes of loma prieta?

The Loma Prieta earthquake was caused by a slip in the San Andreas fault or the Subsidiary fault.
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When was the Loma Prieda earthquake?

The Loma Prieda earthquake began at 5:04:15 pm Pacific daylight time on October 17, 1989,
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How old is Jamie Lomas?

UK actor Jamie Lomas is 37 years old (birthdate April 21, 1980). *There is a purported birth certificate showing him born in 1975.
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What caused the Loma Prieta 1989?

This earthquake was caused by two conservative boundaries rubbing together and making the plates tremble.These plates do not destroy any crust but make a huge "rip" in the gro ( Full Answer )
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What is loma linda college?

Loma Linda University (LLU) is a Seventh-day Adventist educational health-sciences institution with more than 4,000 students located in Southern California. Eight schools com ( Full Answer )
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What is required to get into Loma Linda University?

The universities admissions decisions are based on the following. Admission requirements:. Interview required . Essay(s) required . Considered:. Character/Personal Qua ( Full Answer )
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What does Loma mean in Spanish?

Loma (usually Lomo) is a cut of meat. It literally is the "back" or the loin of an animal. We also call it the backstrap in English (at times though this is a more crude refer ( Full Answer )
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What does lomas 13 mean?

Lomas13 is a gang in South San Gabriel.The 13 stands for the letter M it shows the gangs allegance to the EME or Mexican Mafia.
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What are the words to The Ballad of John Lomas?

The lyrics to "The Ballad of John Lomas" begin with: All good people I pray you attend For poor John Lomas his life at an end He was condemned to die. For the rest of the wo ( Full Answer )
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Why is Casa Loma Famous?

So they can charge $25 to let people look at a house they didn't even build. How it became famous, I have no idea.
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Why do earthquakes occur in loma prieta?

because loma preita mountain sits on the boundry between the North American Tectonic plate and the Pacific plate where the san Andreas fault lies.
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Who is Emily lomas?

She is a pop star She sing really old songs and she is a model?
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Can you have chicken in Point Loma?

I know in the City of San Diego, or like me in El Cajon, you cannot have chickens . Now if you live in the County you can. We need to change the laws on this one.
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What is the tax rate in Alta Loma?

Could the enclosed information be the tax rate that is asked for County San Bernardino . 8.750 %. Alta Loma (Rancho Cucamonga
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What is the latitude of Loma Prieta?

There happens to be a Loma Prieta Mountain about 35 miles north of Harlingen, in Texas. But I'm pretty sure you want the one in California that gave its name to the 1989 ' ( Full Answer )
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What is Loma Linda Academy?

Loma Linda Academy is a fine, educated academy? for christian kids.? At Loma Linda, we teach all subjects: math???,reading?,English?,science?,social studies?, bible,? Physical ( Full Answer )
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What is Johah Loma most famous for?

Johah Loma is most famous for being an elite athlete and rugy player. He is said to be the first international superstar of rugby union. The he holds records for most tries sc ( Full Answer )
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When was Casa Loma in Toronto first built?

Casa Loma is a century house and gardens built in downtown Toronto in 1911. It has since become a museum and a downtown landmark. It's claim to fame was being the largest priv ( Full Answer )
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Where is La Loma restaurant located?

The La Loma restaurant is located near to Denver. It's actual address is 2527 W 26th Avenue, Denver, CO. It is a Mexican restaurant and its phone number is (303) 433-8300.
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When did Bruno Lomas die?

Bruno Lomas died on August 17, 1990, in Puebla de Farnals, Valencia, Spain of road accident.
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When was Jack Lomas born?

Jack Lomas was born on March 23, 1911, in New York City, New York, USA.
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What has the author Robert Lomas written?

Robert Lomas has written: 'The secret science of Masonic initiation' -- subject(s): Freemasonry, Rituals 'Mastering your business dissertation' -- subject(s): Research, Bu ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Elizabeth Lomas written?

Elizabeth Lomas has written: 'Guide to the Archive of Art and Design, Victoria & Albert Museum' -- subject(s): Archive of Art and Design (Great Britain), Archives, Decorativ ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Loma Ruth Meyer written?

Loma Ruth Meyer has written: 'Quick practical studies for Christian teachers' -- subject(s): Christian education, Teacher training, Teaching methods
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What has the author Jonathan Lomas written?

Jonathan Lomas has written: 'Devolving authority for health in Canada's provinces' -- subject(s): Canada, Delivery of Health Care, Governing Board, Health Policy, Health Ser ( Full Answer )
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What has the author John Lomas written?

John Lomas has written: 'Sketches in Spain from nature, art and life' -- subject(s): Description and travel