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What is c?

What does c mean If you mean in Einstein's famous equation E=MC 2 , C is the Constant (i.e. the speed of light) because the other variable, Mass changes as velocity approache ( Full Answer )
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How to used meterials in teaching meterial?

Spring Meterials is High carbon steel. Total Carbon 0.5%. Vahical/Engine spring meterials crominium or Vanadium.
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What is the raw meterial used in shoes?

The raw material used to make shoes is leather, obtained fromanimal hides such as cattle and buffalo after slaughter. The hidesare tanned into leather.
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How much are the meterials for a hockey stick?

if by how much a hockey stick cost, your looking at a mere $12.00 to $200.00 try cheap i bought a stick there for like $45.00 cheaper than usual so ....
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What meterial will stop rust?

To stop rust you need to paint or be sure that iron will not be in contact with water. or oxygen because this have water in it
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What is the best meterial used for a kite?

Depends on the kite you are going to make. Kites can be made fom almost anything! A material which has some wind proofing, is light weight and hard wearing is probably best if ( Full Answer )
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What meterial used for currency?

U.S. paper currency isn't printed on normal wood pulp paper, but a specially durable "currency paper." This extraordinary material can withstand wear and tear that would cause ( Full Answer )
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What meterial holds up in an10.5 earthquake?

We don't know what material holds up in an 10.5 earthquake. It's not has been tested yet. But it maybe possible that the building structures survived a 8.0 earthquake could wo ( Full Answer )
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Density of object made of 2 different meterials?

Still the object's mass divided by the object's volume. The density of the composite object will be somewhere between the densities of the two different materials.
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When meterials are cooled they get smaller?

Generally, yes. The atoms in a substance move around much less the cooler they are, so the substance takes up less space.
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Why are metals and alloys used in so many meterials?

Combination of strength, weight, durability, and cost that goes into make something. Steel is strong, but really heavy. Aluminium is light, but not very strong. Also, some met ( Full Answer )
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How can you get a c- to an a?

you can get a c to an a by extra credit and by getting a tutor and getting help and also trying your best
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What does c?

C sharp) An object-oriented programming language that is based \non C++ with elements from Visual Basic and Java. Like Java, C# provides\nautomatic garbage collection, wher ( Full Answer )
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What is the Malleability of meterial?

Malleability is how easily a material can be squished into a thin sheet. For example, "Silly Putty" is very malleable. Copper is malleable, too, it's just not as obvious. Glas ( Full Answer )
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What is if in C?

If is a keyword that introduces a conditional expression. If the expression evaluates true, the statement or statement block that follows is executed, otherwise control is pas ( Full Answer )
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Which meterial is required for robot making?

robot can make with the help of mechanical engineering ang robotic engibeering.without me or re we can't make that. for maaking robot you required light metal,motor,remote,com ( Full Answer )
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What are the meterials used in fse wires?

Low temperature melting point materials like copper, aluminium, tin or lead are used to make the fuse wire. Zinc and antimony are also used because of their low melting points ( Full Answer )
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What is the strongest meterial on earth?

the strongest meterial on earth is graphene. it is multiple carbons formed together to make an incredibly strong carbon stronger than dimond itself.
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What meterials are used to make cars?

Steel, aluminum, copper, brass, plastic, rubber, glass, wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, zinc, leather, ceramic, titanium, platinum, iron, nickel, etc.
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Is gold meterial noun?

Yes, the noun gold is a material noun. A material noun is a word for something that other things are made from; many things are made from gold.