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What is a CDS?

The acronym CDS is a credit default swap . A financial termfor a derivative contract whereby one party buys protection againstthe default of a reference credit and the other ( Full Answer )
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What is a CD?

A CD , or a compact disc, is a hard drive for storing information, such as music, pictures, videos, etc. It can also be Certificate of Deposit from a bank for one to earn h ( Full Answer )
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What is Cd if?

C. diff is clostridium difficile. It is a type of bacteria that cancause diarrhea and an infection of the colon.
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What does a CD do?

Want your answer here you have it. . Like gramophone records, the information on optical discs is recorded on a spiral track. However, with a CD the laser starts reading the ( Full Answer )
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Does ripping a CD affect the CD?

Not normally. In very rare cases, if the CD was already damaged there could possibly be some damage caused from multipule passes over the same data (the laser does heat the CD ( Full Answer )
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What does CD does?

The CD is a compact disc, a carrier for reproducing music or other sounds. It must be put into a CD player, which reproduces the sound through an amplifier and speakers.
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What are CD - and CD?

Basically Compact Discs are of two types: CD - R CD - RW A CD-R ( Compact Disc-Recordable ) is a variation of the Compact Disc invented by Philips and Sony. CD-R is a W ( Full Answer )
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CD not working on CD-ROM?

at start of computer strike F2 and for setup. Now you should tick the IDE CD ROM or IDE DVD ROM drive because it is sometime disabled by the computer and now enjoy your CD's a ( Full Answer )
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What are CDs for?

CDs can be used for any form or format of data as long as the total size of the combined files is under the total capacity of the CD, that capacity normally being 700 megabyte ( Full Answer )
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Can you convert an MP3 CD to a CD?

yes i beleave you could. but it wouldnt be that easybyou would have to get someone who knows what they are doin. or sometype of technology nerd. no offense and nerd is defined ( Full Answer )