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Can you have a hurricane in CA?

It may be possible, but it would be an incredibly rare event. Dodate, no recorded hurricane has hit California, but that could justmean that the recurrence interval is longer ( Full Answer )
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Fresno CA to Tulare CA?

Just about 45 minutes. you have to drive down 99 S for approximately 40 miles
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Who is ca representative?

if the quistion is who is a represenative then its a person who is in that part of the house
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What is the Cas No of HPMA?

Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride (HPMA) . 【CAS】 26099-09-2 . Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride (HPMA) . 【CAS】 26099-09-2 Dequest P9000 . HPMA (Hydrolyzed ( Full Answer )
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Who are the senators in ca?

As of June 2014, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are the UnitedStates Senators from California. Jerry Brown is the state'sGovernor.
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What is the nickname for CA?

The nickname for the state of California is the Golden State.California is located on the West coast of the United States.
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What is CA inter?

CA inter means pass the first two group papers. To complete the CA you need to pass all four groups of papers. but if you complete first two gorups then you will be CA inter.
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Landforms of CA?

From the giant redwood trees of the northwest to the Mars-like landscapes of the southeast; from snow-capped mountain peaks to its fertile valleys - California presents ( argu ( Full Answer )
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What does Ca stand for?

It stands for Central America. It also could stand for California if you are in the United States. If you are referring to the periodic table of elements, though, it sta ( Full Answer )
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Anahiem CA to temacula CA?

It should read "Anaheim, LA, California, to Temecula California?" and the distance is 61 miles.
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How did CA get its name?

The name california comes from the name of a treasure islanddescribed in a spanish tale of the early 1500's
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How do you ca?

First Google combat arms and sign up then download the game and that's how u ca
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What is ca ca?

if you look on a cordless and a cell phone, got to you texting pad and it should say on the button's the letters and number look at the letters and fine ca cam and now do that ( Full Answer )
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What is CA Inc?

the ca inc is formerly, Computer Associates, Inc. -- is a multinational computer software corporation.
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How did the 49ers get to CA?

Many of the 49ers traveled by sea, but they faced many hardships even death it took 5-8 months to go around the tip of South America
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Why is Ca called CA?

because it is the first 2 letters of the word California just like Colorado is "co"
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What is CA famous for?

If you mean California then it was famous at one time for gold. Now it is famous for the Hollywood movie industry.
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What are facts ca?

what, what is ca?? can youu spell?? or can youu just nott type?? teehee!! just kidding. sorry, i cant help youu with that, well umm.. interesting question.. hehehe.. omg. omg. ( Full Answer )
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What is CA-125?

Hello! CA-125 is a carbohydrate antigen. This is generally used as a tumormarker for investigation of suspected cancer that involves theovary and uterus. In 95% of healthy ( Full Answer )
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A CA and An CA which ic correct?

It would have to be a CA because anprecedes vowels and words that have the sound of a vowel. For example, you would say "a one hour conference" because one carries the sound o ( Full Answer )
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Who is Ca Senator?

Each state has two US Senators, California's two US senators are Barbara Boxer , and Dianne Feinstein.
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Is there yaqui in Ca?

Yes there are. My family being among them. Back in the day, the Yaqui were considered uncooperative to those who would claim their tribal land as their own. So the governments ( Full Answer )
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What is the tagline of ca?

The current motto (or tagline) of California is "Eureka," which translates into, "I have found it."
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Where is agrestic ca?

agrestic CA isn't a real place, its only a fictional location in the series Weeds. Although in the series it takes place near Los angeles
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Why MBA and not CA?

The following was written by Wharton College Pennsylvania. This should help. Why an MBA The MBA is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. It is a degree designed to ( Full Answer )
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Is Ca a element?

Ca is the chemical symbol for the element Calcium. Calcium is located in group 2 of the periodic table
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Is Pittsburgh in CA?

No, it is in Pa. There is a Pittsburgh without the "h" in Ca though.
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What is Ca and O?

Ca = calcium , O = oxygen and written together like CaO it stands for calcium oxide.
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What is a role of a ca?

The Chartered Accountants are entrusted with substantial responsibility under various legislation such as compulsory audit of the all companies, banks, stock brokers, big inco ( Full Answer )
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How can you join CA?

ca is abbreviation of charted accountant. now a days there is rapidly increase in demand for ca's. to become a CA, first of all you have to enroll with ICAI, address- 52-53 ( Full Answer )
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What is CA the abbreviation for?

The abbreviation CA can stand for the following: . California . Canada . Circa (approximately) . Chartered Accountant . Cyanoacrylate (a chemical compound) On Wiki ( Full Answer )
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How neutrons does Ca have?

The number of neutrons depends on the isotope. the most stable isotope of calcium (Ca-40) has 20 neutrons.
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Who is the ca senitor?

I'll presume by your question that you mean the names of the two United States Senators from California. Senator Diane Feinstein, and Senator Barbara Boxer.
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Where is carlsbad CA?

According to Google Earth - it's right on the coast of California -mid-way between the towns of Oceanside and Encinitas.
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What was LU-CA?

LUCA stands for Last Universal Common Ancestor, the last organismthat is the common ancestor of all life on Earth.