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What is a basket cas?

IT'S C.A.S. and its when you are txting and are cracking a smile!!. CAS=CRACKING A SMILE!
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What is the Cas No of HPMA?

Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride (HPMA) . 【CAS】 26099-09-2 . Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Anhydride (HPMA) . 【CAS】 26099-09-2 Dequest P9000 . HPMA (Hydrolyzed (MORE)
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Is CaS ionic?

Yes, CaS is ionic.
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What is CAS and RAS?

CAS ( Coloumn Access Strobe) RAS ( ROW Access Strobe)
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What is CA-125?

Hello! CA-125 is a carbohydrate antigen. This is generally used as a tumormarker for investigation of suspected cancer that involves theovary and uterus. In 95% of healthy (MORE)
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CA-OR border distance to CA-Mexico border?

There is a distance of 1,180 kilometers (733 miles) between the California-Oregon border (in the Klamath National Forest) and the US-Mexico border, between the cities of San D (MORE)
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If you have CAS?

Compressed Air Sprayer to apply.
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Meaning of 'ca' in 3000-332BCE?

'ca' is the abbreviation of 'circa' when speaking of dates. It means 'around' the year XXX.
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Is cas lief?

Ja Cas is heel lief. ;)
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Who are CAs senators?

Dianne Feinstein(D) and Kamala Harris (D) are the U.S. Senators representingCalifornia. Feinstein's next election will be in 2018. Harris' nextelection will be in 2022.
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What is CA-SDI?

Deduction from payroll for Social Security disability
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What was LU-CA?

LUCA stands for Last Universal Common Ancestor, the last organismthat is the common ancestor of all life on Earth.