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What is a caddy?

A caddy is a person hired to assist another in playing the game of golf.
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What is the main conflict of caddie woodlawn?

The main conflict in Caddie Woodlawn is how Caddie is going to geta grip on her life and face her future after a year of runningwild, doing what she wants, and taking scary ch ( Full Answer )
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What does a caddie do?

A caddie usually walks the course prior to the tournament and spots all the dangers as well as the good spots and they make a note of them. They also note the breaks on the gr ( Full Answer )
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Caddis Fly Larvae?

Larvae means its wingless, or its the feeding stage for when an insect has completed metamorphisis, an animal in analogous immature form, the young of any invertabrate
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Who pays the caddy?

Generally, the caddie gets a percentage of the golfer's earnings for the week which is worked out between the golfer and the caddie.
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How can you be a golf caddie?

Anyone can be a caddy but there are official courses run at Elmwood College in Cupar, near St Andrews, Scotland
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How much do caddies earn?

The pay of a caddy varies between each ranking-(You can find a List of the rankings below)- Here is the basic pay scale of a Caddy--- **Note- these include 18 hole and 9 hole ( Full Answer )
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What is a caddis fly?

A caddis fly is an insect of the order Trichoptera with two pairs of hairy wings, found near lakes and streams.
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Where is the caddy mann?

The Caddy Mann is located on the A698 north of Jedburgh ant Mounthooly in the Scottish Borders.. It is a multi award winning restaurant serving some of thefinest food in Scot ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between a fore-caddie and a caddie?

a forecaddie does not carry a golf bag but rather rides on the back of the golf cart or runs ahead of the golf cart on every hole. His job is the same as any other caddie beca ( Full Answer )
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What do you expect a caddie to do for you?

A caddy usually helps you carry your bag and gives advice on how to hit the ball. You should expect them to do that for you.
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What are the types of caddies?

There is only really two, the caddy who carries the bag and the forecaddy, who ball spots in practice rounds and cleans the clubs before play (forecaddies aren't too common an ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to have a caddie?

It is not really specified in any amateur competition that you need a caddy although it does help, as they can help you and you don't have to worry about carrying your bag. Ch ( Full Answer )
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What is a caddy used for?

A caddy carries the clubs, cleans the clubs, suggests clubs to use, calculates yardages, reads putts, rakes bunker, attends the pin and gives advice to his player during the r ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a caddie uniform?

If a golf club hires caddies, it will provide the uniform. If you want one for personal use, check with the local golf courses and ask if there are any uniforms no longer in u ( Full Answer )
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Timing belt on VW caddy?

If the water pump is driven by the cam belt then change the water pump at the same time.
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Can you caddy for a relative?

Jack Nicklaus has his son as his caddy. So if it is good for him it will be for you.
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Who is a caddie in golf?

A caddy is the person who carries the players bag, read putts, cleans the ball and clubs, tends the pin and rakes the bunker, among other duties.
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How much do a caddy get paid?

They would usually get 10% of the winner's cheque, or 5% of the cheque for any other finish. There would be personal terms agreed between the player and caddy, as well as trav ( Full Answer )
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Who are the caddies at the masters?

Up until 1983, all players were supplied caddies by Augusta National. From 1983 they were allowed to bring their own. They are the caddies who would caddy for the players on a ( Full Answer )
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Is tea kept in a caddie?

Tea now comes in tea bags and are usually sold in cardboard boxes. Back in the day, 1800's 1900's tea was very very expensive, so the tea was locked in the tea caddy to preven ( Full Answer )
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Can a caddy call a stroke penalty?

Yes he/she can because they can call a rules official over and give their situation to see if the situation ends up costing the golfer a penalty stroke.
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Where can you purchase a shower caddy online?

There are many on-line sites and stores that are able to provide shower caddies at a good price - I would be inclined to opt for one that will supply and deliver which many wi ( Full Answer )
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Is the caddie an official in golf?

No. A caddie is an assistant to a golf player who handles various chores such as carrying the clubs, finding or cleaning the golf balls, and lifting the flag for putts.
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What is the difference between a fore caddie and a caddie?

Forecaddie is a person who runs and identifies the players ball locations and gives them yardages as a caddie would . then you are running ahead and watching where they hit th ( Full Answer )
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Is caddying a good summer job?

Yes it is, I am working at a Country Club for 3 years and for my fourth year the estimate is about 17-18 thousand dollars :-)
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What is the power of a VW Caddy motor?

The power of a Volkwagen Caddy motor varied depending on which model of the VW Caddy you are testing. The horsepower for the vehicle ranges between 60 and 90 for the different ( Full Answer )
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Where can you purchase a diaper caddy?

One can purchase a diaper caddy from Amazon, Target, or another online store that provides these services. The prices range anywhere from $15 all the way up to $40 or more.
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What is the purpose of a hard drive caddy?

A hard drive caddy serves the purpose of protecting the hard drive in laptop computers. Each laptop model requires a different type of hard drive caddy, and it is important to ( Full Answer )
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Where can you purchase a bath caddy?

Bath caddies are available in many stores. One can purchase a bath caddy at Target, Walmart, Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's, Home Depot, KMart and numerous other places.
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What is a utensil caddy used for?

A utensil caddy can be useful for storing small items when doing outdoor activities, such as having a picnic. A utensil caddy essentially has several storage slots that allow ( Full Answer )
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What is a caddis?

A caddis is the larva of a caddice fly, a form of rough woollen cloth, or a kind of worsted lace or ribbon.