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Does Miley Cyrus live in cali?

Yeah she does shes a celeb but she used to live in Tennessee because tha is where she was born i think she lives in the LA
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What rhymes with cali?

Answer \n. \nAli rhymes with Cali.\n. \nso does valley!\n. \n. \nHere is a more complete list:\n. \nabbey\nably\nachy\nacme\nacne\naerie\nagree\nairy\nalgae\nalley\namp ( Full Answer )
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How long does it take to get from calis to Normandy?

Calais is a coastal port city whereas Normandy is a region of northwestern France. Assuming you might be thinking of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, I would use the town of Ba ( Full Answer )
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Is there a word such as cali?

I have found the answer to your question.. The answer is yes.. It is a city of western Colombia on the Cali River southwest of Bogotá. It was founded in 1536. Population: ( Full Answer )
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What does the name cali mean?

Calì, also written in English as Cali, is an Italian surname, widespread mainly in the Ionian side of Sicily. For the surname Calì is assumed the origin of the Greek wor ( Full Answer )
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What are Belem Cuzco and Cali?

belem is a city in Brazil, cuzco is in Peru and cali is in colombia
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What time is it in cali?

depending on where you are when you ask....if your on the east coast (ny, va, fla...) cali time is pacific so its 3 hours behind the east coast. 6pm in ny means 3pm cali.
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How do you remove a calis?

a calis if im correct on what you mean is a build up of skin that will stay on your body for about ever if you do remove it you will regret doing so it will be painful you may ( Full Answer )
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Is cali cool?

NO!!!!! hes the gayest kid on earth. but speaking of cool Omar is the coolest kid ever!!!!!
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What is a Cali lift?

It is when you put a lift kit only on the front end of your truck or SUV.
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How do you get cali?

To catch cali You need to purcahse and plant the following: Any Magic Bean Yellow Love Berry Blue Love Berry.
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How do you catch cali?

to catch Cali, plant these: any magic beans blue love berries yellow love berries hope it worked
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How to get cali on moshi monsters?

you get an yellow love berries,a blue love berries and a purple star berries just guessing by her looks
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How do you get cali if you are not a member on Moshi Monsters?

To attract Cali you need to plant three seeds in your garden, you can buy seeds at the Port or from the stand on Main Street. Each Moshling has a different combination so you ( Full Answer )
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What do you plant to get cali?

any magic beans yellow love berries and blue love berries this is true try it ur self
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What are the names of cali swag district?

I was told that it is Yung, Smoove, Jayare, and M-bone is the one who recently died The rest you can check on google, Bye
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How you get cali?

To get Cali the moshling, you need Blue love berries, pink/purple magic magic, yellow love berries.
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Is Cali a good dog name?

Its a beautiful dog name any name is a great name i would stick with it sounds like a great name for a dog :)
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How do you get caly on moshi monsters?

First of all its Cali. And her Code is any Magic Beans, Yellow Love Berry and Blue Love Berry
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When is daylight saving in cali?

Daylight Saving Time (United States) begins Sunday , March 11, 2012 , 2:00am , and ends Sunday , November 4, 2012 , 2:00am .Except Arizona and Hawaii. Move your clocks a ( Full Answer )
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What gangs are in Cali?

Blood Alliance(Bood gang, Piru gang, Brim gang) Crip Allance(Crip gang) La Gran Mafia(Surenos) Nuestra Familia(Nortenos) Tiny Rascals Gang(Asian gang) Oriental ( Full Answer )
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Where do you find famous people in Cali?

The grove shopping center in Los Angeles, Hollywood hills, or get a star map from vendors in hollywood, that's how we got to see Hugh Hefner, and the kardashian clan!
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What are some Asian gangs in Cali?

Tiny Rascals Gang Oriental Outlaws Gang East Side Long Beach Asian Boyz Crips(Crip Alliance gang)
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What is the twitter handle for Cali Jenkins?

The twitter handle for Cali Jenkins is /CaliJenkins. Type in the url for twitter then a dash before entering CaliJenkins to find the twitter account for Cali Jenkins.
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What do yellow curbs in cali mean?

Yellow curbs normally mean no parking. It may be different in aspecific town or jurisdiction, but I'll bet not.
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What vitamins are in Cali?

Same vitamins you can find in any place that sells vitamin supplements. Fruit growth in Cali is very good so vitamin C is very easy to get. Citrus = Best source of vitamin C
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What does calis tablet look like?

A Cialis tablet is yellow and shaped like a rounded arrow head. Theletter C and the number 20 are usually printed on the side of thetablet. If you are unsure what tablet you h ( Full Answer )
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When was gold discovered in cali?

Gold was discovered in California in 1848. The result was an influx of miners hoping to make a fortune by mining gold.
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How long is the flight from Mexico to cali?

California and Mexico share a border; it's literally one step from Mexico to California. If you're looking for flight times, you'll need to specify which cities.
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What is the most scenic drive in cali?

Pacific Coast Highway This California route is one of the most scenic in the world.Hugging cliffs and coastlines, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)follows much of the Californi ( Full Answer )