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Why is he not calling?

Don't worry I've recently had this problem! It should be fine because when I saw him next he stared by explaining he'd lost his phone! Maybe something similar is happening to (MORE)

What is the ' called?

The ' mark is called an apostrophe. It has four uses:. 1. The apostrophe indicates possessive forms of nouns.. Examples: . "Mary's book, " "The dog's bed". 2. The apostr (MORE)

What is a call-out?

Call out is the ability of a phone system to make calls outside the office. It is the term use for toll free numbers that have the ability of not only receive inbound calls bu (MORE)

What is a call?

A call can refer to a telephone conversation, a social visit, or acry or shout from one person to another. The word call can also refer to a bird's distinctive

Will he call?

It depends if he cares about you or not. Don't wait too long. if he doesn't call for a month give up and fine someone better.

What is ( called?

A ( is called the Left Parenthesis. The opposite, which is a ) is called the Right Parenthesis.