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What are a dogs caloric needs?

dogs poop a lot and they fart a lot, so dont feed dogs a lot of beans cuz they tend to get a tad gassy Your vet will tell you, but need varies with size and age.
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What company makes Caloric appliances?

By Maytag then Whirlpool As I understand, Caloric is owned by Maytag, who is owned by Whirlpool. In mid 60's the family owned Caloric Corp., Topton, PA sold to Raytheon C ( Full Answer )
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What factors affect caloric expenditure?

Answer . \nThe calorie cost of the activity (type of exercise, how vigorous), body weight, and duration.
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What should the caloric intake of a male be?

For male weight maintenance, easiest rule is your bodyweight (in pounds) x 10. Therefore 150 lbs = 1,500 calories.. The caloric intake of any individual is dependent on many ( Full Answer )
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Daily caloric intake?

You daily caloric intake is based on a variety of factors. Suchfactors include age, gender and level of activity. In general, theolder and more active a person is, the more ca ( Full Answer )
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What is the caloric intake for teenagers?

11-14 2200 calories for girls. 15-18 2200 calories for girls. 11-14 2500 calories for boys. 15-18 3000 calories for boys
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Caloric oven manual?

Sears PartsDirect offers a search engine tool that finds theCaloric manual page by model number or part number. The servicealso provides instructions on repair according to mo ( Full Answer )
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What does the caloric intake depend on in a person?

If you do not have access to a metabolic measurement, you can use an equation to estimate your basic calories. The most accurate one is the Mifflin-St. Joer equation. Weight i ( Full Answer )
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What is the caloric value of diesel oil?

The higher calorific value of diesel oil is 44,800 kj/kg and 19,300btu/lb. The lower calorific value of diesel oil is 43,400 kj/kg.
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What are the least caloric food?

Cucumbers, lettuce, celery, cantelope, watermelon and pickles are as close to calorie free foods as you can get. Most vegetables and fruit are also reasonably low in calories ( Full Answer )
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Which scientist developed the caloric theory?

There is one version of the caloric theory that was introduced by Antoine Lavoisier . Lavoisierdeveloped the explanation of combustion in terms of oxygen in the 1770s
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What does the prefix calor mean?

Calor is a latin prefix meaning heat. A Calorie is actually a unit of energy based on the energy needed to raise one liter of water one celsius degree
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What cheese is the least caloric?

cottage cheese has the minimal fat and hence it has the least caloric value it is also high in protein and low in carbs
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What does hace calor mean?

hace calor means its hot. hace calor= its hot. or hace mucho calor= its very hot. any other questions?
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How do you use Caloric in a sentence?

I took in 100 calories for breakfast and 200 calories for lunch so my caloric total so far is 300 calories.. Caloric was the old theory of heat transfer prior to the modern i ( Full Answer )
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What does tener calor mean in English?

To have heat, To be hot, etc. For example: "Yo voy a tener calor cuando hago ejercicio hoy." "I am going to be hot when I exercise today."
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What is the definition of caloric theory in physics?

Caloric theory said that heat is travelling from hot body to cold one in form of a fluid and this fluid is called as caloric , this is actually the problem because you know th ( Full Answer )
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En octubre hace calor?

Well, it depends on where you live. But generally in October, no it is not hot.
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What does Que calor mean in english?

As a stand-alone statement "¡Que calor!"is a complaint about the heat related to weather. Similar English statements would be "What heat!" or "How hot!". A closer translati ( Full Answer )
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What does tener calor mean?

It literally translates to "to have heat". However, when it is used in a sentence, it describes something as "being hot". If it is 100 degrees outside, you could say, "Yo te ( Full Answer )
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How do you find your caloric intake?

You don't really "find" your caloric intake, as it is something you participate in. You can track your caloric intake by simply monitoring what you eat and drink during a day. ( Full Answer )
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Why is it important to understand caloric intake?

That is a good question. What are calories anyways? (I think what's more important to understand is Fat and Carbs and what not.) Calories are a unit of energy. So, I guess pe ( Full Answer )
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When did the caloric prestige series come out?

Caloric was taken over by Amana in the 1967, then Amana discontinued the line in the 90's. Maytag bought Amana in 2001 and both were acquired by Whirlpool in 2006.
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What is the most caloric food?

Fat has the highest caloric content by weight with 9 Kcal/gram while alcohol comes in second with 7 Kcal/gram. Carbohydrates and proteins carry 4 Kcal/gram. Thus the most cal ( Full Answer )
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Why do some foods have no caloric value?

Yes, bacteria do have a cell wall. However, they are dissimilar from those of plant cells, as they are not made of cellulose. Instead, they have peptidoglycan, which is a netw ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the caloric mix in Howrse?

You click on the feed tab on your horses page, and then click on the scroll down menu about mashes. Then select caloric. You have to be in an EC though at the time.
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What is the purpose of a calor coding your writing?

When drafting legal documents or the like, use red for issues and questions, black for your rationales, and blue to document the opposition's rationales regarding the topic.
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What caused the caloric theory to be abandoned?

The caloric theory came under attack soon after its introduction. It maintained that heat is a substance that could not be created or destroyed. Yet it was known that heat can ( Full Answer )
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What products does Calor Gas supply?

Calor Gas supplies butane and propane to areas in the United Kingdom. Calor was founded in 1935 and it's corporate headquarters are located in Warwick, England.
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Where can one get a Calor Gas Fire?

Items like this are widely available at home improvement stores. Home Depot, Lowe's, and Berry Home Centers all carry this item. Walmart even handles it.
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What is the benefits of owning a Calor heater?

The benefits of owning a Calor heater is that Calor Gas Portable Heaters offer comforting warmth at the touch of a button _Ê_ and they can help you save money on your heati ( Full Answer )
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What is Basal Caloric Requirement?

calorie requirement is important but in less amount . calorierequirement is 2100 in urban area. and 2400 in rural area . theyrequire more because they do more physical work.