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What is a cam shaft?

cam shaft that allows the downward thrust of one Piston to cause another piston to move back up to be ready to be pushed down again. The Ignition is timed in a manner that al ( Full Answer )
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What is a cam?

the cam is the part of your engine that opens your valves to allow in fuel air mix and let out exhaust gases
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What is an RV cam?

An RV cam is a motor home performance part. This part will allowyour motor home to pull power at a lower RPM.
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What is a Twin cam?

A twin cam is an engine that has two cam shafts (which open and close the valves). The most common reasons for two camshafts are: If a V-shaped engine design uses one cam shaf ( Full Answer )
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What is a DVD cam?

Answer . Hi, DVD cams are camera systems that have a DVD recorder built in as the recording medium, instead of tape. Several manufacturers make them and they're availab ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of a Cam?

A cam is a rotating component used in a mechanism in order to transform a movement from a circular to a reciprocating motion. A crank performs the opposite action. A common ( Full Answer )
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Who invented the cam?

Cams were first used in Hellenistic civilization in 3rd century B.C. Al-Jazari was the first person to employ them in Camshafts.
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What does a overhead cam do?

In a car: the cams control the opening and closing of the valves. The fact that it's "overhead" just means that the camshaft is above the cylinders instead of alongside th ( Full Answer )
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What is web cam?

A webcam is like a camcorder that connects to your computer. it records or streams (live video on the internet) using various computer programs. Use or to ( Full Answer )
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What is a critter cam?

It is a special tool including a camera attached to an animal for pictures and info. Was invented by a marine biologist . Hopes this helps. For more details go to national geo ( Full Answer )
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What does CAM do?

what cam cad add mad CAM pad do CAD fad cam rad had tad sad cad can do a lot of things but the main thing is make a nice design that you would not be able to cut out. cad iss ( Full Answer )
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What does a cam do in a engine?

Cams are devices that transfer rotating motion to linear motion. As a oval shaped cam is rotated against a roller, the roller can move a lever with each revolution.. In an en ( Full Answer )
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Why is there no oil to the cams?

Several causes (list is not all inclusive); Clogged oil channels due to sludge or oil additive buildup, broken oil pump, low oil level.
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What is a cam toy?

A Cam Toy is actually a simple mechanical toy, using one "cam" to make a moving part or parts.
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What is a cam ON A CAR?

The cam is in the engine and it is what opens and closes the intake and exaust valves
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How do cams work?

The Camshaft has egg shaped lobes on it and rotates by means of a belt or chain. And the Job of the Camshaft is to open and close Engine Valves at a specific timing. The ap ( Full Answer )
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Who is Cam?

Cam is a nickname or given name. It may be short for Cameron (e.g. Auburn's Cam Newton ) or similar names. What is a cam? A cam is an eccentric or multiply-curved wheel mo ( Full Answer )
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What does a cam adjustment do?

Installing a larger cam will allow more fuel and air into the combustion chamber to make a more powerful BOOM in the cylinder. (May have to change fuel injectos as well)
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What is cam duration?

The cam duration is the degrees of crankshaft rotation that the valve is lifted of it's seat. Most accurate way to compare cams is with duration at .050 inch lift. How many de ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with cam?

Am, dam, ham, jam, lamb, lam, ma'am, Pam, ram, Sam, spam, slam, sham, scam, tam, wham, lamb sam cram ram bam ham jam pam
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Where is the cam in engine?

The camshaft is a series of eccentric cams that are usually mounted on the cylinder head casting.The cams open and close the inlet and exhaust valve at precise times to enable ( Full Answer )
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Does you iPod have a cam?

The only iPods that have a camera are the latest Nanos (video camera) and the iPhones (video and still camera).
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What is a single cam and a twin cam?

A single cam (SOHC) has 1 cam per cylinderhead and a twin cam(DOHC) has 2 per cylinder head. A DOHC (dual over head cam) has a higher RPM potential due to lower valvetrain mas ( Full Answer )
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What does CAM refer to?

In an immunological setting, CAM probably refers to 'Cell Adhesion Molecules' These are proteins expressed on a cell's surface in order to allow certain cells to selectively b ( Full Answer )
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Who is cam Johnson?

The real name is Cam Jansen. She's a child detective in fiction child's books who takes mental pictures.
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What is a cam in a car?

the camshaft is i metal rod that has tear drop shaped lobes that control when the intake and exhaust valves open and close.
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How do you clean cams?

Use a 100% cotton cloth, spray it with a small amount of water and wipe gentily. With more serious things, use Dove soap.
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How cam you get pinkeye?

Pink eye is called conjunctivitis. There are several forms from viral, bacterial, chemical, and or mechanical. Most cases seen in the United States are the highly contagious f ( Full Answer )
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What does an overhead cam do?

A conventional cam has more moving parts as it is placed within the engine block and uses lifters, pushrods, and rocker arms that all must work together with the cam and the v ( Full Answer )
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What are cams for on a bow?

They are what turn on a compound bow when you pull it back. They make it eaiser to pull and makes the arrow fly farther.
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What is fan cam?

It's a camera or video that shows celebirties doing something without the celebrity knowing. So the celebrity doesn't know they are being filmed by a fan.
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Where is a cam found?

well cams usually make things move, so u should think of things that move like a merry-go-round, a big wheel, a cars engines and many many many more so those are the only thre ( Full Answer )
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Is cam cam cappa religious?

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Who is cam weathers?

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What does a cam toy do?

I believe the peripheral to which you are referring is the EyeToy, a digital camera accessory for the Sony PlayStation 2 video game console. The EyeToy is typically used for ( Full Answer )