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What is Pure Cane?

Answer . It is either pure cane sugar, or it is a white substance that is an illegal drug.
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How do you use a cane?

Answer . you put the cane in your hand and lean on it as you walk. When you have trouble putting pressure on your feet you transfer the pressure to the cane.
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What are candy canes?

Candy Canes Generally, they are red and white striped and minty hard candy formed into the shape of a walking cane. Although, they can also be of any other flavors and colors ( Full Answer )
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When did Sly get his cane?

Sly got the cane when the Fiendish Five came and attacked his home he was only eight years old . He was hiding in the wardrobe when they attacked his father. When they had kil ( Full Answer )
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How do you walk with a cane?

Start with the good leg. Next, step with weak leg, while moving the cane in unison with the weak leg. The cane is held on the opposite side of the weak leg. Ex: injured right ( Full Answer )
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What is cane?

Cane is any of a group of plants with simple stems, such as bambooor sugar cane.
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How do you measure a cane?

Your best choice is to have your physician or physical therapist help fit your daily-use cane. If no professional help is available, these instructions will assist you in crea ( Full Answer )
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Were do you buy canes?

you can find them just about anywhere. Online you can try,,,, or you can go to your local pharmacy or a ( Full Answer )
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What is the cane beetle?

The cane beetle is a kind of beetle that eats sugar cane. It is thereason why they introduced the cane toad.
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Who is Florence Cane?

Florence Cane is the sister of Margaret Naumberg, and was a key pioneer in the world of art psychotherapy.
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What rhymes with cane?

Reign, sane, plane, crane, plain, Kane, 3 syllables : acid rain, ad campaign, anchor chain, aquitaine, ascertain , ball and chain, basal vein, bearing rein, Charles' ( Full Answer )
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What is cane sugar?

Cane sugar is sugar that is derived from the fibrous strands of sugar cane. After the plant is harvested it is processed to remove the sweet liquids. From that point is it pro ( Full Answer )
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When was the cane invented?

use you brain you idiots get a life stop searching on wikianswers for the rest of your life and use some common sense
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Caning of sumner?

The caning of Charles Sumner occurred right here in the UnitedStates Congress in 1856. Charles Sumner was beaten nearly to deathwith a cane by Preston Brooks. Preston Brooks w ( Full Answer )
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Where can you buy a cane?

Most pharmacies carry a small selection, and there are several online, commerce locations have them. Try, they have a broad selection of handle styles, sh ( Full Answer )
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Why is cane masked?

Cane wears a mask because he got burnt when he was young.. but he also has fake mask hair
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What is cane spirit?

Cane spirit is an alcoholic drink made from fresh sugarcane. Rum differs from cane spirit in that the former is made from molasses (a by-product from refineries that boil t ( Full Answer )
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Who were cane and able?

the sons of Adam and eve. you really need to read your bible more often.
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What is a Singapore cane?

A Singapore cane (as used in Professional Wrestling like WWE) is better known as a kendo stick or a shinai.
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What are the advantages of caning?

I lived by a canarie. IT STIKNS. the advantage of caning if that we can store friuts and vegtables in cans for a very long time otherwise not posibble with regular fruits and ( Full Answer )
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What do cane toads do?

Cane toads are voracious eaters. According to everything I have read about them they will eat anything they can fit into their mouths including other frogs, mice, bugs, baby b ( Full Answer )
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What does a cane do?

A cane's main function is to provide stability for those withbalance issues, as well as the transfer of weight off an injuredleg or foot.
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What is caning a seat?

It is the art of making or replacing a woven area with stems of bamboo or rattan to inset into the seat frame.
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What is the sugar cane?

The sugar cane in the plant that the most common used sugar is stracted from. First the juice is squeezed and from there the process is done. In the related links box below, I ( Full Answer )
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Did schoolgirls get the cane?

yes the did they got it all the time yup if your talking about that cane shoot your talking about sugar cane rite i had that type of sugar before im only six k
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What is Cane Seat?

Special kind of wood is used in cane chairs, they are really comfortable in sitting and relaxing in ur balcony...
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What is a rattan cane?

Rattan is a wood-like reed similar to bamboo. It is exceptionally flexible and when wet, can be curled into a circle. It is often used in the manufacture of rattan woven furni ( Full Answer )
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When did they stop caning?

They stopped caning cause when the headmaster wasn't looking the children used to fart on them and the school was abusing people childdren
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What is a cane frog?

Cane frog or cane toad also known as the Giant Neotropical Toad or Marine Toad, is a large, terrestrial true toad native to Central and South America. Cane toads are a seriou ( Full Answer )
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What is fragrant cane?

Fragrant Cane Keneh bosem in Hebrew. Ancient sources identify this with the sweet calmus (Septuagint; Rambam on Kerithoth 1:1; Saadia; Ibn Janach). This is the sweetflag o ( Full Answer )
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What makes a candy cane a candy cane?

Candy canes are hard sticks of candy that are bent into a caneshape. It is the cane shape that makes a candy cane a candy cane.
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Is cane a Christian?

I will assume that you are speaking of Cain, the son of Adam and Eve that we read about in Genesis chapter 4. Cain lived long before the time of Jesus and therefore could not ( Full Answer )
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Is cane a noun?

Yes, the word cane is a noun (cane, canes) and a verb (cane, canes, caning, caned). Examples: Our sugar is made from sugar cane. (noun) I learned to cane chairs at the cra ( Full Answer )
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The mark of cane?

The mark of Cain was first introduced in the book of Genesis in thebible. God cursed Cain and put a mark on him after he murdered hisbrother Abel.
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What rhyme with cane?

bane, deign, feign, gain, grain, Jane, lane, mane, main, inane,pain, pane, reign, rain, rein, sane, stain, swain, Spain, train,twain, vane, vein, vain, wane, Wayne, Zane