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What is the plural?

Plural is an English term for explaining more than 1. For example . Cat is singular Cats is plural. House is singular. Houses is plural.

What is the plural of cannon?

The plural of cannon may be either cannon or cannons. Both forms are commonly accepted in both American and UK English. The term cannons is most commonly utilised in A (MORE)

Can its be plural?

No, the word its is a singular pronoun , the possessive form of "it". The plural form of the possessive pronoun "its" is theirs.. The plural form of the possessive adjecti (MORE)

What is the plural of did?

Actually did is the past sense verb of the original verb 'do'.There is no bifurcation as singular and plural for the verbs.Though you use it for singular person or plural pers (MORE)

Is have the plural of has?

Have can be both singular and plural, but has can only be singular. So you are partly right. Have is used with the first and second persons singular and with all perso (MORE)

What is the Plural for which?

The word 'which' has no plural form. The word 'which' is a pronoun when not followed by a noun: Interrogative pronoun: Which is the best cheese for this dish? Relative p (MORE)

Is your plural?

The possessive adjective 'your' functions as a singular or plural pronoun. Examples: Dad, your dinner is ready. (singular) Boys, your dinner is ready. (plural) Jack and Jil (MORE)

What is plural for he she it?

The plural form for the singular, subjective he or she is they . The plural form for the singular, subjective it is they . The plural for the singular, objective it (MORE)

What is the plural for who?

The pronoun 'who' functions as both singular and plural , asan interrogative pronoun and as a relative pronoun. Examples: Interrogative pronoun Who is your new math teac (MORE)
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Who is a cannon?

It is a weapon that is like a long lopsided barrel made of metal. When loaded its shoots out gunpowder and fire. It was first used in the 1700's. To do something in cannon is (MORE)
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Which is plural is or are?

The plural would be 'are', not 'is'. Examples - "The birds are soaring in the sky." - "Cats are quite docile creatures."

What is the plural there?

There is no plural form for the pronoun 'there', a word that introduces a statement by taking the place of a noun for a specific place or circumstance (as used to introduce t (MORE)

What is the plural for he?

The plural form of the singular personal pronoun 'he' is they . Examples: Yes, I know Mr. Smith, he is my neighbor. Yes, I know the Smiths, they are my neighbors.

What is the plural of his?

The plural form of the third person singular possessivepronoun 'his' is theirs . examples: The ball is his. The ball is theirs. The plural form of the third person singula (MORE)

Can it be plural?

The plural forms of the personal pronoun 'it' are they asthe subject of a sentence or a clause, and them as theobject of a verb or a preposition.