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What is canning gelatin?

Gelatin: a nearly transparent, faintly yellow, odorless, andalmost tasteless glutinous substance obtained by boiling in waterthe ligaments, bones, skin, etc., of animals, and ( Full Answer )
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What is canning?

Canning or home canning is preserving fruits and vegetables at home in jars with lids that seal to keep them fresh. Canning is used to preserve any foods. Based on the food ( Full Answer )
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What is canned transaction in IT?

What is canned transaction?. Canned transactions: Standardized queries and updates with carefully programmed data validity checking.
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How does canning work?

Simply stated, the canning process kills off bacteria that spoilsfood by means of salt, acid, and/or heat and sets up a vacuum sealso that the canned food cannot be contaminat ( Full Answer )
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Who is Joe canning?

Joe Canning is a hurler from Portumna, in the republic of Ireland. He plays hurling for the local Portumna club and for the Galway senior team.
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What do empty cans do?

Cause pollution.. Do? Just lie there, mostly.. They also become recycled.. They take up space.
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Who was George Canning?

George Canning was born on11 April 1770 and died 8 August 1827 he was a British statesman and politician who served as Foreign Secretary and is the shortest serving British Pr ( Full Answer )
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What is canned software?

Canned software is typically software that you purchase to solve aspecific problem that cannot be altered. Office suite software isone example of canned programming, some opti ( Full Answer )
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What are cans made out of?

most can are made out of aluminium. however, some i think are still being made out of tin
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Can you freeze cans?

No . Neither cans nor bottles should be frozen. Cans will expand and deform, and bottles will crack.
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How can you Recycle Cans?

You can find a recycling bin in your area and put plastic , and paper to recycle cans.
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In canning what is certo?

Certo is a brand of fruit pectin that is used in making jellies and jams to produce a more gelatinous set - so it isn't runny.
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What is canned chat?

It is usually preset things you can say. RuneScape has the "Quickchat" System, which is pretty much Canned Chat. Adventure Quest Worlds also uses it. They're just short ( Full Answer )
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How do you recycle cans?

you could throw it away or you could save them and take them to a place where they crush the cans and re use them and u get money
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How are sardines canned?

they are canned by a factory person putting them in a tin and then putting them through a machine so that the lid can be put on.
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What is canned news?

a news that effects the parallelism and the tenuous relationship that makes the dynamic of the national press and local press most efficient and less monotonous
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How do you get cans on marapets?

They can be bought in tomobla (which you rarely win) or you can just purchase them.
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What is canned corn?

Usually this is corn, cut off the cob. It is placed in a can and heated to a certain temperature and then sealed with a metal lid. This is how corn and other vegetables are ca ( Full Answer )
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What is canned data?

Canned data is hard coded or generated data returned from an API that simulates production data. It could be also called fake data.
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What is food Canning?

The answer to your question is too complex to enter within this website. The National Center for Home Food Processing and Preservation (NCHFP) has a website that provides an ( Full Answer )
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Are cans recycled?

Yes cans are recycled.You can make a bowling game out of cans.Turn cans into a bowling pin.
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Do cans float?

Depending on the type of can and the material it is holding, yes or no.
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How are peas canned?

What you need: Pressure canner, large pan for boiling water, Clean jars, rims, new lids, Colander (strainer), Butter knife, and a Small pan for heating lids. First, Heat a ( Full Answer )
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What foods are canned?

Beans and spam and stuff like that... Many many foods are canned, as it is a method to preserve and ship a food. Everything from fruits (ex: canned peaches) and vegetables ( Full Answer )
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What do cans do to the earth?

Kill plants, pollute the air, animals eat them and they die effecting the ecoysystem (which is real important!) do the world a favor, help the (f)ing earth
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Is canning expensive?

It can be, but does not need to be expensive. Many canning items can be purchased cheaply second hand. Just make sure if doing so, that you inspect them. Jars should be free o ( Full Answer )
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How do you canning salsa?

You can salsa like anything else. Hot bath or pressure cooker for 15-25 minutes depending on the altitude of your home. Lemon, lime or vinegar adds the acid needed to protect ( Full Answer )
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Why do cans crush?

Aluminum is the flexible and pliable material most cans are made from, making them easy to crush.
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What rhymes with canned?

Words that rhyme with canned: . Band . Banned . bland . brand . gland . grand . Fanned . hand . Land . Manned . planned . sand . scanned . spanned . stand . ( Full Answer )
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What is exhausting in canning?

Exhausting cannig is a food process to eliminate air over de product before the liding and the sterilizing process in order to permit ideal thermical changes during the thermi ( Full Answer )
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Why are cans recyclable?

cause you CAN crush them up into blocks or melt them to turn them into something else
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How do drinks get in the cans?

The empty cans are delivered to the drinks factory. The factory fills the cans with whatever beverage they're supplying. The factory puts the can lids on (complete with ring-p ( Full Answer )
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What are the steps to canning?

The general canning steps include reviewing procedure andequipment, washing canning jars using hot sudsy water,fillingcanner with water,and placing hot jars on cloth towels to ( Full Answer )
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What is in canned tuna?

If you look in the can it will tell you what is in it, howeverbasically "fish".