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Can braces even out a canted occlusal plane?

Answer . While with traditional orthodontic treatment, canted occlusal planes can be problematic, the use of new mini-screws has changed this. Inserting a small mini-screw (MORE)
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Why cant' a PS3 game work on a PS2?

Because the PS3 is Blu-ray and the PS2 is DVD and even if they were not the systems are not the same. the games disc stores the Game program which must be read and played by t (MORE)
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Cante skuya randee lowe?

Cante Skuya means sweet heart in Sioux (Dakota), I know this because its my Indian name. The rest I dont know.
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When you are in love with a boy and he is in love with you too he has a girlfriend who he loves too he cant pick and you cant date for a year but you will wait you cant be without him what do you do?

Well, it is a difficult situation but it is possible to resolve. You need to talk to him because he is obviously torn between you and the another girl. Is she aware that he lo (MORE)
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Why cant' a segment register be used as a byte register?

There are only a certain (few) number of operations that you can perform on a segment register. Specifically, you can push/pop, and move. That's it. Besides, arbitrarily manip (MORE)
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What year was auguste cante born?

I think you are asking about Auguste Comte. A French philosopher, widely credited as the father of Sociology, he was born in 1798.
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Who wrote the song 'Cant Stop Wont Stop'?

The song Can't Stop, Won't Stop' was written by Will Adams, Keith Harris and William M Joel. The song was actually performed by the American artist Usher.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Cante Jondo - 2007?

The cast of Cante Jondo - 2007 includes: Ricardo Anglada as Victorio Laura Bayonas as Manuella Johanna Denis as La Chungita Isabel Echeverry as Isabel Paulina Garces as Gale S (MORE)
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Why we cant' store AC in batteries instead of DC?

Because a battery works by the chemical action of the electrolyteon the plates. The process works slowly, and it works with aconstant potential, which is inherently DC.