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Who composed the bel canto opera?

Bel canto is a style or method of opera singing, not an opera per se. It was originated in the early 19th century and was used by such composers as Rossini, Bellini, and Doni ( Full Answer )
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What is a canto in poetry?

Think of a canto in a poem as about the same as a chapter in a novel. It is a smaller portion, but not as small as a stanza, of a larger work.
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What does Canto mean?

A canto is a portion of a large poem, Dante's epics are good examples. One could think of them as something like the chapters in a novel. Free nugget: canto is derived from th ( Full Answer )
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What does canto means?

it can mean as a spanish word whitch means "i sing" but in americain definition means a long division of a poem
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What type of opera singing is Bel Canto?

Bel Canto = 'beautiful singing' is the traditional Italian art of singing incorporating beautiful tone, fine legato phrasing, impeccable technique are paramount. It is an impr ( Full Answer )
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Chopin and bel canto?

While Chopin was not a composer of Bel Canto, his works were greatly inspired by the genre. Chopin borrowed from the ornamentation and florid style that was practiced througho ( Full Answer )
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What is an example of Canto?

A Canto is a division of a long poem much like the way a book is divided into chapters. The Divine Comedy written by Dante is separated into 100 cantos for example
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What is canto 23 of Dante's Inferno about?

Virgil leads Dante into a second ring of the seventh circle of hell. This is where people who commit suicide or are violent against themselves are punished. Dante and Virgil a ( Full Answer )
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What does canto mean in english?

Canto is Spanish or Italian and it means "I sing." English uses derive from the use of the Italian word in music. The root word is cantar meaning to sing. 'Canto' can also be ( Full Answer )
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What is canto 15 of Dante's Inferno about?

Dante and Virgil walked along a kind of dyke between the river and the fiery sands, which Dante compares to those of the Flemings. They came across a group of men who were tru ( Full Answer )
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What is canto 5 of inferno about?

Dante and Virgil now descend into the Second Circle of Hell, smaller in size than the First Circle but greater in punishment. They see the monster Minos, who stands at the fro ( Full Answer )
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How do you get to the first gym in canto?

go into the when you battle all the trainers there the juggler saids there buttons in the trash can if you push the button in the trash can it will be right next to it.
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Is there a bassist in Van Canto?

No. Van Canto record their songs using only five vocalists and a drummer. However, each of the five vocalists has a specific role that they play in the band. One of them (Ing ( Full Answer )
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How do you say Canto in English?

As a noun, the word Canto means "Song". As a present tense verb, the word Canto means "I sing". As a past tense verb, the word "Cantó" (note the accent), means "(s)he/ ( Full Answer )
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What does the Spanish word Canto mean?

"rhyme" and 'canto', part of a poem "chant" also 'I sing' from verb (infinitive) 'cantar'
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How do you use the word canto in a sentence?

Well since canto is a noun you cant use it to describe something so use it in a sentence like this. The canto in that poem is very descriptive and beautiful. Hope this helps
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What does mi canto la esperanza mean?

"MI CANTO A LA ESPERANZA", es lo que debería decir, de otra forma sería: "MI CANTO, LA ESPERANZA"
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What services do Canto Cumulus offer?

Canto Cumulus offer different types of business and professional services. They provide consultations and assessments to potential clients as well as technical support and tra ( Full Answer )
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From what country is the band Canto Del Loco?

Canto Del Loco is from Madrid, Spain. The band was formed by Dani MartÃ_n and Ivan Ganchegui in 1994 and broke up in 2010 so that band members could pursue solo careers.
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What is the meaning of Bel Canto in English?

Bel Canto is a type of opera singing. It translates to "beautiful singing". It also means to sing flexibly and smoothly. The term has been in use since the late 17th centur ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Canto Del Sol located?

The Canto Del Sol is an all-inclusive resort located in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. It is minutes from the Banderas Bay Beach and minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta. ( Full Answer )
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What does 'cantos' mean in English?

"Cantos" is a Spanish word that means songs. It is a noun. Other synonyms for de word "cantos" in English are edge, chant, cantus, crow, lay, and rim.
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What movie and television projects has Canto e Castro been in?

Canto e Castro has: Performed in "Perdeu-se um Marido" in 1957. Played Chorus in "O Improviso de Barba-Azul" in 1959. Played Farmer in "O Grande Teatro do Mundo" in 1959. Perf ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Antonio Cantos been in?

Antonio Cantos has: Played Officer Rodriguez in "The Knock" in 1994. Played Empleado funeraria in "Hospital Central" in 2000. Played Hombre in "Hospital Central" in 2000. Perf ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Rosa do Canto been in?

Rosa do Canto has: Played Nurse in "Uma Cidade Como a Nossa" in 1981. Performed in "Cobardias" in 1987. Played (1988) in "Eu Show Nico" in 1988. Played Lurdes in "Passerelle" ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Francesco Dal Canto written?

Francesco Dal Canto has written: 'Il giudicato costituzionale nel giudizio sulle leggi' -- subject(s): Cases, Constitutional law
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What has the author Monique Canto-Sperber written?

Monique Canto-Sperber has written: 'Diccionario de Etica y Filosofia Moral. 2t' 'L' intrigue philosophique' -- subject(s): Logic 'La philosophie morale' -- subject(s): E ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Estela Canto written?

Estela Canto has written: 'Borges a contraluz' -- subject(s): Argentine Authors, Biography, Intellectual life, Relations with women 'Borges a Contra Luz (Literatura)' 'E ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Victor A Canto written?

Victor A. Canto has written: 'The determinants and consequences of trade restrictions in the U.S. economy' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Foreign trade regulation, Law and ( Full Answer )
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Is canto Mexico the best place to visit?

I guess you mean Cancun. In that case NO; Cancun is overrated. There are many other places much more beautiful than Cancun, including the Mayan Riviera and the Isla Mujeres an ( Full Answer )