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What can you do that others cant?

Well people have talents that many don't have. Maybe you can swim very well, maybe you can do the splits, or just simply draw better. You can take lessons in karate or drawing (MORE)
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What cant Mormons do?

Mormons can't fly without mechanical aid. Mormons can't run faster than speeding bullets. Mormons can't overpower locomotives. Mormons can't leap over tall buildings in (MORE)
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You cant sleep?

lie on your back or whatever sleeping position you usually sleep and then count from 100 to 0 slowly.. Have your room cool rather than warm, Don't nap during the day
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Why cant we all just get along?

Because the world is a BITCH! and i am the center of all awesome! . Because humans have to scientific need for superiority and have to be better than everyone around them, (MORE)
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You cant poo Is that normal?

No. You more than likely have a thing called constipation. This means that your poo (feces) has not got enough water for it to come out easily. I recommend that you got to you (MORE)
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Why a girl cant feel staring?

Girls CAN "feel" it (as much as anyone else) when you're staring at them. Most of the time they don't seem to feel it because the fact that they are being stared at alone wil (MORE)
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Cant get an erection?

See a doctor to make sure there is nothing physically wrong with you.
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Why cant you talk?

because in a humor matter most people who don't open their mouths cant talk or just have an bad Oder an st stinch coming out the talking area or just have really bad teeth let (MORE)
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What if you cant see your boyfriend?

If you go to school with your boyfriend but you guys are not in the same class either see if you changes classes with someone in there or ask him if he can change classes with (MORE)
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What cant the Harrier do?

The Harrier can't fly supersonic in level flight or fly long distances.
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Why cant you be happy?

There is an inherent sense of being unhappy in each of us. This propels every one to seek happiness. No matter how accomplished a person the quest for more and more remains fo (MORE)
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Is cant a noun?

yes, for example: "the outward cant of the curving walls."
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How do you spell cant?

CANT may indicate a tilt or angle, as of a ship or a hat. CAN'T is the contraction of "cannot" and requires an apostrophe.
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Why cant I get pregnant?

You're best chances to get pregnant are when you are ovulating! Try having sex about 3 times a day. Your partner may blow blanks or you may have a medical issue where you shou (MORE)
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Why cant i sleep?

You cannot sleep because you do not feel like sleeping or you havestress.
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What does Cant have you mean?

The word "can't" is a contraction or shortened version of the wordcannot. "Can't have you" would typically be used by someone who isexpressing their romantic feelings towards (MORE)
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Why cant i fly?

because you don't have wings