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What is a cap?

Depending on how it is used it can be a hat or a top of a bottle, or a part on a car called a distributor cap. A lid or cover, or to place a limit on an activity, prices, or e (MORE)

Where can you get kangol caps?

Kangol Caps are also known as driving caps, newsboy caps, or "old guy in a convertible sports car" caps. They'll never really go out of style - at least not until convertible (MORE)
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Why caps are not yelling?

caps are not yelling, it was said to be yelling by a lazy computer geek, because he was lazy. yelling is the size of the font and exclamation points and it can be in lower cas (MORE)

What is a cap-?

A cap is a type of soft, flat hat that doesn't have a brim, butsometimes has a visor. It may also be worn for a certain purpose,or to denote a profession, such as a baseball c (MORE)