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What cased slavry?

slavry was cause to help the English farms for crops or goods to sell
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Types of cases?

There are a variety of types of legal cases. These include civilcases, as well as criminal legal cases.
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What are the cases of nouns?

The cases of nouns are: . nominative (subjective)- as the subject of asentence or a clause. . objective - as the object or indirect object ofthe verb, or the object of a p (MORE)
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What cases a tsunami?

There are two tectonic plates pushing against each other underwater. One is trying to go under the other. There is so much pressure, and the one that isn't trying to go under (MORE)
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What is casing pipe?

it is defined as the pipe cemented in the well to seal off formation fluids and to keep the hole from caving in.
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What is a bullet casing?

When you shoot a bullet the bullet casing pos out through the ejector and that is where the bullet is and gunpowder to fire it.
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What is an edible casing?

examples of edible casings are sausage rolls, quiches, creme eggs, and burger buns !! it is a cover around the food that can be eaten for example when you eat a jam tart you e (MORE)
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What is 'in case'?

Basically, 'in case' means 'if' in most situations. 'In' represents 'in any', while 'case' represents 'situation. When put together, it means 'in any situation'.
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Is case-by-case hyphenated?

Only when it's being used as an adjective. If one says "These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis," there should be hyphenation. However, if the phrase is used (MORE)
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Does Russian have cases?

Why, yes, yes it does. . Nominative: Dictionary form. This is used when the word is the subject of the sentence. . Accusative: This is used if the word is the direct obj (MORE)
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What are the cases of mandamus?

A mandamus is an order to a public agency or governmental body to perform an act required by law when it has neglected or refused to do so. A person may petition for a writ of (MORE)
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What is a casing drift?

casing drift is an inside diameter for the casing which allow any drift size pass through this casing with 1/8" under gouge
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What is the homophone for casing?

Casing is a synonym of case, which can mean instance which is ahomophone of instants.
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What is impeachment cases?

What is impeachment cases? - Trying a government official for misconduct in office.
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What is backlog of cases?

A backlog of cases refers to a situation in which a court's caseload is so heavy it is unable to hear or try cases in a timely manner because the number of cases on the docket (MORE)
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What cases lighting?

Lightening is caused by the accumulation of static electricity in the molecules of air and water that results from the motion of those molecules in a turbulent thunder cloud.
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What are the administrative cases?

"Administrative" cases refer to cases heard by "Hearing Officers" (often referred to as 'judges' - with a small 'j') of the various administrative agencies of the Executive Br (MORE)
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What is the cases of a cold?

You may have a blocked up nose, you may cough and sneeze more than usual youre throat may be sore and its better to take soothers :)
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What cased the Alamo?

I would answer this if i knew what you meant by "cased".
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What cased the tsunamki?

Tsunamis are usually caused by under-sea earthquakes. The shift in the ocean floor moves vast amounts of water, causing a wave. As the wave nears land, the gradual slope of th (MORE)
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What are cases in statistics?

In statistics, cases are comprised of the data that is beingstudies. The cases in statistics can be updated frequently as thedata changes.
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What is the prounoun cases?

The pronoun case is the use of the pronoun as the subject or the object of a sentence, or to show possession. Examples: The pronouns that function as the subject of a sen (MORE)
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When was Casely born?

Casely was born on 1985-11-30.