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Case of euthanasia?

It is common for veterinarians to recommend euthanizing animalsthat have incurable illnesses. Some animal shelters also practiceeuthanasia in order to control overpopulation.
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What is a pronoun case?

The three cases for pronouns are: Subjective (nominative) pronouns are used only for thesubject of a sentences or clause. Objective pronouns are are used only for the obj ( Full Answer )
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What is the objective case?

A noun or pronoun in the objective case is a word that functions as the object of a verb or a preposition. Examples:. noun: We like wine after dinner . (wine is the object ( Full Answer )
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Where is your pencil case?

With me at all times, I carry a pencil case with basic art supplies and a sketch pad with me any time I leave the house... I've been doing this for a very long time and recomm ( Full Answer )
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What is a use case?

A list of steps that usually define interactions between a systemand a role to achieve a goal, is a use case in software and systemsengineering. It is used in system analysis. ( Full Answer )
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What is a Case?

depending on what kind. case-something to put on top of to keep safe. depending on what kind. case-something to put on top of to keep safe
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Types of cases?

There are a variety of types of legal cases. These include civilcases, as well as criminal legal cases.
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What was the harvester case?

The Harvester case in Australia took place in 1907. The decisionhanded down in this case forced Australian companies to pay theiremployees a minimum wage, based on the cost of ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with case?

face ace mace lace pace bass base trace dais race place vase brace grace chase prise base,face,trace
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What is case?

CASE in an abbriviation for Computer-aided software engineering. CASE is the scientific application of a set of tools and methods to a software system which results in high-qu ( Full Answer )
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What is 'in case'?

Basically, 'in case' means 'if' in most situations. 'In' represents 'in any', while 'case' represents 'situation. When put together, it means 'in any situation'.
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How is the case of Britain a strange case?

A few days ago, when I was guest on a phone-in on Moscow Echo radio, the interviewer asked me about the Platon Obukhov case. Platon is the 28-year-old Russian diplomat who was ( Full Answer )
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Is case-by-case hyphenated?

Only when it's being used as an adjective. If one says "These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis," there should be hyphenation. However, if the phrase is used ( Full Answer )
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What is upper case and lower case?

Capital and small letters. the distinction goes back to the Caroline ( period of Charlemagne- Charles the Great) Renaissance and thus antedates typewriters by centuries. Upper ( Full Answer )
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What is the homophone for casing?

Casing is a synonym of case, which can mean instance which is ahomophone of instants.
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Is it worse case or worst case?

worst case- often hyphenated- the Oil disaster was a Worst-Case scenario in the Gulf area!
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What is administrative case?

An administrative case can be a number of things. One example could be a law case usually involving contracts, health, disability or insurance. It could apply to a number of o ( Full Answer )
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How do you get your case dismissed?

Be able to produce enough doubt in the mind of the prosecution, or the judge, that they do not wish to proceed with your prosecution.
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What is change case?

Change case is the change of parameters of text. That means that if you have your text in all small letters, you can make it to be all capitalized or vice versa. Also, you ( Full Answer )
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What do you do in the case of a thunderstorm?

In case of a thunderstorm go inside a shelter. Do not use any water taps, telephones, or computer lines because lightning could have hit these services and you could be struck ( Full Answer )
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What do you do with the pokeblock case?

you can create pokeblocks. you can give those pokeblocks to your pokemons. with the pokeblock case you can enter the safari game.
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Is in case a preposition?

"In" is a preposition, so "in case" would be a prepositional phrase. "In case of emergency, break glass." Break glass is the sentence, an imperative one. In case AND of emer ( Full Answer )
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How to get a case it binder?

Case It binders can be ordered online from the Case It website at You can place an order through the online store at On ( Full Answer )
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What is a case by case adjudication?

adjudication n. the act of giving a judicial ruling such as a judgment or decree. The term is used particularly in bankruptcy proceedings, in which the order declaring a de ( Full Answer )
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What is an iPad case?

An iPad case is basically just that, a case for your iPad. They are used to both protect the iPad from damage as you move it or store it. There are also iPad cases that can ac ( Full Answer )
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What is a case assessment?

A case assessment involves examining all details of the case, comparing and verifying information, which results in a written report that identifies the assessors conclusion a ( Full Answer )
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Can is be objective case?

"Is" cannot be objective case, because "is" is a verb. Verbs have tense, number, and voice ("is" is present tense, singular, active--although forms of "to be" are typically an ( Full Answer )
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Is he a possessive case?

No, he is a personal pronoun that takes the place of a noun for a male person as the subject of a sentence; the corresponding objective pronoun is him . The possessive c ( Full Answer )
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What are the administrative cases?

"Administrative" cases refer to cases heard by "Hearing Officers" (often referred to as 'judges' - with a small 'j') of the various administrative agencies of the Executive Br ( Full Answer )
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What are juvenile case?

Anything, legal, moral, even funerary, involving people under l8. Juvenile Case is a sort of euphemism for the funeral arrangements for a child.
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What type of case is the Facebook case?

facebook case is a civil case which has to be judged by the supreme court.and for the recods,the facebook is to be contacted!
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What is a camera case?

A camera case is a case in which one can place their camera in when they are not using the camera to carry and protect the camera.