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What five words start with the prefix cata?

The prefix cata- (also cat -) is derived from the Greek kata and, like its Greek root, can have a number of meanings: 1 down; downwards: as in catabolism. 2 wro (MORE)

How do you play lich king on wow with new patches for cata?

If your account is flagged for Wrath of the Lich King, but you did not buy Cataclysm, the game works as normal. However, you will not be able to make Goblin or Worgen characte (MORE)

What level do you worry about cata gear wow?

I wouldn't worry too much about your character's gear level until you reach level 85. Up to that point, you can acquire decent gear through quests and regular dungeons. Once y (MORE)

Why did so many people quit wow after cata exp?

The rest of the gaming industry caught up. The new features added in BC and WotLK apparently was Bungie's act of "jumping the shark." Cataclysm wasn't a brave new world, it wa (MORE)
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What do the initials CATA stand for?

The initials CATA stands for Capital Area Transport Authority. This services the city of Lansing, Michigan and operates to serve the MSU campus, the greater Lansing area and t (MORE)