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How are cays formed?

A cay is formed when ocean currents transport loose sediment across the surface of a reef to a depositional node, where the current slows or converges with another curre ( Full Answer )
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What are the events of the cay?

Phillip is highly fascinated by war so he checks out the harbour where German submarines have slying appeared. He gets in trouble by his mum because his mum is not very fond w ( Full Answer )
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What are the cays?

Answer . a cay is a far of island off of many other islands.. A Cay or Key is a small, often uninhabited, island in the Carribean Sea.
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What is a cay?

A cay is a synonym for key - as in The Florida Keys. Cay; A low island or reef of sand or coral.
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What lives on cay?

A cay is a type of island in tropical climates that forms on sandor near reefs. Sometimes there are small animals and plants thatlive near these cays.
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What is the meaning of cay?

A cay (pronounced as "key" or sometimes kay) is a small, low-elevation, sandy island formed on the surface of coral reefs. The term is usually used in the Caribbean. . If ( Full Answer )
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How is a cay formed?

A cay is formed by ocean currents carrying sediment to reefdepositories. Once it has reached the reef depository, it willeither slow down or join with another current to relea ( Full Answer )
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The cay quotes?

Well the cay has many quotes so your gonna have too look up the book online and read it. Keep on truckin!
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What are the disadvantage of cai?

1) It reduces socialization 2) It is expenses 3) By the use of power failure 4) It requires a skill if labour
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What is the summary of The Cay?

It is about a young boy named Phillip Enright. Who got lost in voodoo island of Portugal. Many people died because of portuguese people.... He fought back with the cruel Portu ( Full Answer )
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Is the cay a movie?

Yes, there was one made a long time ago. It's old though, so it's hard to find.
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Who is Phillip in the cay?

Phillip is an eleven year old boy who love to play pirates with his best friend, Henrick Van Boven. He is also racist of Timothy.
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How do cays form?

A Cay is formed when Ocean currents loose sediments as they pass over reefs Gradually layers of deposited sediment build up on the surface of the reefs
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Who are the characters in The Cay?

The characters are: . Timothy . Phillip . Mrs Enright . Mr Enright . Stew Cat . Henrik van Boven
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What happens in The Cay?

When World War II breaks out, Phillip Enright and his mother board the S.S. Hato to Virginia because the mother feels it's unsafe to stay in Curaçao. The ship is torpedoed, ( Full Answer )
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Where is castaway cay located?

Castaway Cay is a private island located in the Bahamas and serves as a port for the Disney cruise ship lines. It is located very close to Great Abaco Island that was formerly ( Full Answer )
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How old is Cai Yuanpei?

Cai Yuanpei was born on January 11, 1868 and died on March 5, 1940. Cai Yuanpei would have been 72 years old at the time of death or 147 years old today.
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What is The Cay chapter 5 summary?

It is noon on the third day of being on the raft when Timothy hears a motor. After moving around a little, Timothy informs Phillip that it is an aircraft. Phillip is thinking ( Full Answer )
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Who rescued Phillip in The Cay?

Nobody saved Phillip in The Cay. He stayed living in The Cay.:( I have a different answer, it really depends on what part of The Cay you're talking about, in the beginning ( Full Answer )
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Why did Theodore Taylor write they cay?

Answer 1: He did. Answer 2: Theodore Taylor wrote it to rebel against prejudiced feeling toward black people. He himself had been influenced by others to be judgemental ( Full Answer )
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What happens in chapter 10 of The Cay?

a storm comes upon the island. phillip and timothy are greatful that they have an over flowing supply of safe drinking water. phillip and timothy tell each other about them se ( Full Answer )
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Chapter 2 summary of The Cay?

Obviously you have this assignment for school and you think that you can get away without reading it. Haha that's a good one. How bout you read the book. I read that book abou ( Full Answer )
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What is the plot for the cay?

The plot for The Cay is, One morning in spring 1942, U-boats from the German Navy attack tankers bringing oil from Lake Maracaibo in nearby Venezuela to Cura?ao and its refi ( Full Answer )
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In the book The Cay how did timothy and Phillip become stranded on a cay?

Timothy and Phillip first got stranded on the cay because of WW2. Phillip and his mother went on the S.S.HATO to go to America while his father stayed and worked. The boat ( Full Answer )
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What happens in the book The Cay?

it is about a boy called phillip and old man called timothy they get lost on a cay (island)
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What does a cay look like?

it depends a cay island or the animal. But i don't think there is a cay animal. A cay island looks mostly like a beach.
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The antonym of cay?

a cay is a a small island. an antonym means opposite. the antonym for cay is a big country or a big land mass not surrounded by water. like the USA or Asia. Hope this help ( Full Answer )
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What are the advantages of cai?

Advantages of CAI • one-to-one interaction • great motivator • freedom to experiment with different options • instantaneous response/immediate feedback to ( Full Answer )
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What is the settings in The Cay?

Curcao, the ss hato, the devil's mouth, phillip's house, ocean, the cay. I'm sorry if these didn't help I need the same answer to your question too. But the ones I said are so ( Full Answer )
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Were is Phillip from in The Cay?

He was born in the U.S. and grew up until he was 7. Then his family moved to the Carribean until now.