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What is the definition of ceded?

The word " ceded " means granted or given the ownership to something; to yield or formally surrender to another. Example sentence: Russia ceded Alaska to the USA. a centu ( Full Answer )
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How do you use cede in a sentence?

I cede this land to you and the other people that are with you on your wagon train.
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What is ceded reinsured auto insurance?

The insurance definition of "ceded":. An insurance company may not wish to insure a risk (client or business) directly, and therefore transfers the responsibility (partially ( Full Answer )
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What two states ceded land for Washington?

Virginia and Maryland, however Virginia took back the land it donated for the capitol city, so the remaining land came from Maryland.
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What is a ceding company?

A company that's just started up. The term comes from the forestry industry where specialised companies are used to source seeds for new areas of afforestation. A2: "To cede ( Full Answer )
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Was Kentucky ceded from another country?

Kentucky was not ceded from another country, but it was ceded fromanother state. It became independent from Virginia ins 1792.
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Why did Spain cede Florida to the US?

the main reason to why Spain ceded FL to the US was because the Latin American revolution that was happening there, then came the Mexican revolution which the Spainish governm ( Full Answer )
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Why were Alaska and Hawaii ceded to the US?

Alaska became the property of the US as the result of a simple purchase agreement with Russia. The sad story of the transfer of power in Hawaii comes much closer to theft, fra ( Full Answer )
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What does it mean to cede land?

Cede means to give over, so i am guessing to give up land. Basically surrender.
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What did china cede as a result of opium war?

China ceded Hongkong; and the right to prohibit the largest drug cartel; civilization has ever known, from importing their drugs into China.. The East India Tea Co, sponsored ( Full Answer )
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What does ne cede malis mean in English?

Yield not to misfortune. The quote comes from Virgil's Aeneid BookVI: "Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audientior" (Do not yield tomisfortune, but proceed more boldly against it) ( Full Answer )
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Did Utah ever ceded from the union?

No. Utah became a state 25 years after the Civil War ended so that would be impossible, and only Southern states wanted to succeed from the Union and Utah is not and would not ( Full Answer )
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Do deeds super cede wills?

If a person who owns property conveys it by deed before their death and they bequeathed the same property to someone else in their will, the deed prevails. If the property was ( Full Answer )
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What words contain the root word cede?

Precede, exceed, concede, intercede, recede, secede, and accede are the first seven that come to mind. Cede on its own is also a word.
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What words have the root cede in them?

The word recede has the root word cede in it. Recede means to drawback or withdrawal from something else.
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Use the word cede in a sentence?

To cede something means to give it away, usually land or a positionof authority, often by the threat or actual use of force. Anexample of a sentence using the word "cede" is " ( Full Answer )
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How could the word cede be used in a sentence?

Cede is a verb that means to give up, or surrender. To use it in a sentence, add a subject, and a direct object for the verb. "I cede to you." would be an acceptable example.
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What land did the USSR have to cede to the Central Powers?

The USSR ceded Finland, Poland, Estonia, Livonia, Kurland, Lithuania, the Ukraine, and Bessarabia, all of which, although not annexed ti the Central Powers, were dominated and ( Full Answer )
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What does book debts ceded mean?

Book debt represents payments due the company by customers (typically in the form of accounts receivable). When a company cedes book debt, they are effectively giving some cr ( Full Answer )
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Was the panama canal ceded in the Treaty of Paris?

No, they treaty of Paris was signed almost 200 years earlier. The treaty that established the Panama Canal Zone and allowed fot the construction of the Panama Canal by the U.S ( Full Answer )
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What is cede from Arabic in English?

Cede is an Arabic word means My grandfather and it is written this way : سيدي or it can be said to someone higher than you in your job meaning Sir
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Why was Fiji ceded to Britain?

Because a Fijian commoner was accused by the Americans for burning an American house down. To solve the problems and debt to the American, the American decided to take most of ( Full Answer )
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What portion of England did The anglo-saxons cede to the danes?

To start, under Alfred "the Great", the Anglo-Saxons manage to hold 1 of the 4 earldoms: Wessex. So at this point (9th Century/860's) the Vikings held the majority of England. ( Full Answer )
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How do you make the word cede a past participle?

"Cede" is a regular verb ending in the letter e. Therefore, its past participle is made by simply adding "d" to produced "ceded". The past participles of regular verbs that do ( Full Answer )
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Why was Cuba not ceded when Puerto Rico and the Philippines were?

Events in Cuba were the excuse for the United States to declare war on Spain. In doing so the US explicitly denied any territorial ambitions in Cuba. As a result it was not po ( Full Answer )
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What country was forced to cede to the United states land area?

Britian of course, Spain after the Spanish-American war, Mexico after the Mexican-American war but I think Mexico was paid for the land (Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo), Japan al ( Full Answer )
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What was the treaty that ceded Florida to the US?

The Adams-Onis treaty of 1819 made Florida a US territory.It was named for John Quincy Adams, the Secretary of State whonegotiated the treaty for the US and Luis de Onis, th ( Full Answer )
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Can Texas cede from US?

Not without many consequences. Texas relies greatly on the U.S for many goods and benefits. Whats more were Texas to secede, it may not be viable. Secession was deemed "uncons ( Full Answer )
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What present day states were known as the Ceded by Mexico?

During the Mexican-American War (1846-1848)Mexico lost most of its territories, including present-dayCalifornia, Nevada, Utah, parts of Colorado as well as most ofnorthern ( Full Answer )
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Is the root cede Greek or Latin?

The root "cede-" comes from the Latin word cedere, " to go, go from, yield, withdraw, depart, retire".
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In what year was Corfu ceded by the British?

The British ceded Corfu to the Kingdom of Greece in 1864. Before leaving Corfu, the British partially dismantled the Old Fort, to the disliking of the local residents.