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How do you vault your ceilings?

There are several different vaulted ceilings. Cross or Groin, Barrel, and several deviations of symmetry of such. Some people refer to "Cathedral" ceilings or "tray" ceilings ( Full Answer )
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What is the types of ceilings?

'. Answer . types of ceilings can. a) contact ceiling. b) suspended ceiling. c) furred ceiling
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Who invented ceilings?

The first caveman to get rained on and run into a cave. Caveman, cave ceiling. In fact, if he didn't go into the cave to find a ceiling, he would probably be called Rain ( Full Answer )
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What is a ceiling partition?

A ceiling partition is a track on the ceiling that may have a metalor wooden wall fitting into it. This divides a room by the ceilingsupport.
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What is a combed ceiling?

it is a ceiling that follows the line of the roof, not a ceiling that runs parallel with the floor.
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What is Lulminous ceiling?

I think you mean luminous ceiling. If so Its usually having flourescent lights mounted directly to the ceiling of a room and a dropped grid system about 10 to 16 "s below the ( Full Answer )
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What is a false ceiling?

any ceiling that is suspended below the original ceiling usually to conceal an ugly, or too high ceiling or to install flourescents with translucent panels to give the effect ( Full Answer )
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How tall is a ceiling?

Depends on the ceiling or the room itself. Ceilings are measured and estimated to be from about 7 ft tall to 14 ft tall.
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What are ceiling eyes?

Ceiling eyes is a phrase used to describe someone who appears to bedisconcerted about something. It could also mean that they are in astate of blank starring.
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What is a California ceiling?

California Ceiling (California knockdown) is drywall mud sprayed onto a ceiling using a hopper and lightly flattened usually with a special knock down trowel
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Is ceiling is a gerund?

No. A gerund is a verb that has an ending -ing. For example, talking, running, eating, etc. Ceiling is a noun, so it is not a gerund.
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Who is Ceiling Cat?

Ceiling Cat (also spelt 'Ceeling Cat', 'Seeling Cat' and many other variants) is a representation of a deity in the form of a cat that lives in the ceiling or roof of every ho ( Full Answer )
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What is the lavender ceiling?

The lavender ceiling refers to the inability for gay, lesbian and bisexual people to be promoted due to workplace discrimination or access to social networks. It is similar to ( Full Answer )
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What is cloud ceiling?

The height above the ground or water of the base of the lowest layer of cloud below 6000 meters (20,000 feet) covering more than half the sky.
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In Zelda how do you get to the ceiling?

In the fire temple, to get to the ceiling in the room with the boulders, you'll have to play the scarecrow's song. (wich you learn at lake hylia) After you've played it a sc ( Full Answer )
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What is the homonym for ceiling?

The homonym for ceiling is sealing as in What is his plan for sealing that leak?
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What is plastered ceiling?

Before the invention of dry wall (some call it plaster board or gypsum board), walls and ceilings were slathered with plaster of Paris over lathe board (small, thin slats of w ( Full Answer )
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Is ceiling a verb?

no because its not a state of action, ceiling is a noun ( i think.) because noun is a person place or thing,
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What is a raked ceiling?

A raked ceiling is a type of ceiling that matches the same angle orline that the roof does. They may or may not have exposed beams.
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What is ceiling broom?

A ceiling broom is used to wipe dust and cobwebs off a ceiling. Itis made of very soft material to avoid damage to ceiling.
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Why do ceilings have cracks?

Many different reasons, heres a few to help you out: *Poor Quality Drywall Mud *Paint Cracking *Just Old age The main reason and most common reason is from rain from th ( Full Answer )
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What is a coombe ceiling?

A coombe ceiling is one that slopes at an angle between a vertical room wall and the horizontal ceiling above. Usually found in attics, top floors or penthouses.
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What is a gilded ceiling?

I'll assume you mean literally, as opposed to some metaphorical phrase like "glass ceiling", and that furthermore you know what a ceiling is and are just curious about the "gi ( Full Answer )
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How are the ceilings raised?

Raised ceilings is a term in construction which refers to the ceiling height at some point being elevated from the height of the rest of the home. Also known as "pop up" or "t ( Full Answer )
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Why is your ceiling bowing?

Could be a couple of different reasons.... Your ceiling joists could be longer than the recommended span for the size of the joist [ie: 2x6 or 2x8], and over time the weight ( Full Answer )
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What is a coffered ceiling?

A coffered ceiling is a ceiling containg sunken panels, or boxedindents. This style is used to create visual interest in a givenroom. This technique has been in use for centur ( Full Answer )
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What is a debt ceiling?

Debt ceiling is the limit on how much money the US Federal government can owe.
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Can you cut out your ceiling?

The best person to ask is a contractor whom you trust. He/she needs to come to your home to examine the ceiling. Some parts can probably be cut out, but there are other parts ( Full Answer )
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Why price ceiling?

China is selling a bunch of stuff that doesn't work and the government pays for that needed more cash to pay for it.
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What is ceil blue?

OK, ceil blue is really the dyslexic version of ciel bleu, which is French for sky blue.
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What is the sentence of ceiling?

Heaven can be thought of as a home, rather than a ceiling. Look at that gecko on the ceiling!
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What is fall ceiling?

Unless you happen to be talking about a ceiling that was installed in the autumn, I'll bet you are mis-hearing "false ceiling". A false ceiling or suspended ceiling is typical ( Full Answer )
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What ceiling mean?

A ceiling is the flat surface making up the top of a room or hallway. It also refers to the upper limit of something, like the maximum height that any aircraft can attain.
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What is the purpose of a ceiling?

The purpose of a ceiling is to hide the underside of the room or floor above you. You can learn more about ceilings at the Wikipedia. Once on the website, type "Ceiling" into ( Full Answer )
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What is a glass ceiling?

It may be a ceiling made of glass. However, in most cases it is used to describe a level in anorganisation above which (for some reason - gender, class, etc) the'normal' perso ( Full Answer )