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What is the difference between duty and cess?

When govt. collects tax on goods, it is called as "duty" (eg., excise duty, customs duty) When govt. collects tax for particular purpose, it is called as "cess" S.Ramac ( Full Answer )
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Difference between cess and duty?

Cess tax is a type of tax that is earmarked to fund a certain causewith its proceeds. Duty is any tax that is paid on imports.
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What is SHE CESS?

Its full Form is Secandary and Higher Education Cess (SHE Cess) . it is additional Cess imposed by govt. to pramote higher education
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What is cess in India?

The Center for Economic and Social Studies ( CESS ) was established as an autonomous research Center in 1980.
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What is full form of CESS?

CESS is a synonym for tax, duty, fee, etc. When tax is applied to income, its called INCOME TAX... When tax is applied to goods, its called DUTY, say, EXCISE DUTY, CUSTOMS D ( Full Answer )
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What is Library cess?

Library cess is the mechanism by which the state government collectrevenue for the functioning of public libraries in the state. Library cess is a kind of tax which is levied ( Full Answer )
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On what day was Robert Cess born?

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Did Robert d cess the professor die?

I am glad to say he is alive and well. He is a member of the Alfa Romeo owners club in CT. Great guy.
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What is cessing or cissing on a painted surface?

Normally caused by the de-wetting of a surface resulting in the cohesive film of the paint to pull open,resulting in fish eye type areas in the finished film.Usually caused by ( Full Answer )
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What are the difference between tax and cess?

Tax is calculated as a percent from income/transaction. Cess is calculated on tax. Example: Income: 1,00,000 Tax: 10% Cess: 5% Tax= 10% of 1,00,000= 10,000 Cess= 5% of tax= ( Full Answer )
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What is full form of cess tax?

What is Cess Tax?? is there any full form of CESS?? OR its just word related to Tax??
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What is the meaning of cess tax?

The meaning of cess tax varies from one region to another. Some ofthe most popular meanings include a tax, an assessment or a taxlien.
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What is mean by labor cess?

As a matter of fact the Contractor has to pay minimum of 1% and Maximum of 2% Cess as fixed by the appropriate Government. The Cess is to be calculated from the Work done duri ( Full Answer )
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