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Who is chay young?

I have seen this guys name allot I believe he is a contract cage fighter to places like china, Mexico, and Brazil. he lives in Mexico and owns companies in the USA and Abroad (MORE)
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What is sup-chay?

Vegetarian Soup. It's Vietnamese.
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What does the name Chay mean in Hebrew?

The name "Chay" has no meaning in Hebrew, but it's very close the name Shai (pronounced shy), which means "gift".
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What kinds of foods can Chay be used in?

Chay is a word that can mean chili. Chili can be used for sauces, or as a dish on its own, and can have many components to it. Chay can also be used as a dip or spread.
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When was Betty Chay born?

Betty Chay was born on December 13, 1901, in Hungary.