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What is a chair?

A chair is a piece of furniture with a raised surface supported bylegs or another type of structure, commonly used to seat a singleperson.
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Why do we call a chair a chair?

The word "chair" derives from the Latin "cathedra", the connection being the designation of a church that was the "seat" of a bishop as a cathedral.
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Why do they call a chair a chair?

The chair was named in the United Kingdom in the 1500's as it wasonly for nobles. The term is still used for chairs today but has abroader use.
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Why are there no chairs in a mosque?

Muslim prayer is a process of standing, bowing, and kneeling. Chairs would become a hindrance in such a case. However, elderly that find it hard to sit on the floor or perf ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with chair?

affair air airfare armchair aware bare bear beware blare bugbear care carfare coheir compare cookware corsair cudbear dare daycare, declare despair eclair elsewhere ensnare fa ( Full Answer )
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What is a chair made of?

Depends on the chair. A wooden chair is made of wood. and metal chair out of metal... so on and so forth.
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Who is the founder of the chair?

Chris Lee Smith: Disorder, Kenneth "Gibson" Braman Guitar, Janne "Blues" Lindgren Guitar, Peter "Stonebreaker" Drums, Jam Bass.
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How do you do a chair sit?

You sit on a chair by sitting on it!. It is not hard, unless if you have a difficulty.
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What is on my chair?

it depends on wat u see lol give a description . Cats are on my chair. Anything that is plural or more than one.
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Why is a chair a chair?

A Chair is a Chair because c stands for comfortable. H stands for helpful. A stands for Amazing. I stands for Impressive. and R stands for Rester!!! that is why a chair is a c ( Full Answer )
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Is it in the chair or on the chair?

It is on the chair not in the chair you do not say in am sitting in the chair although you do you saiy I'm sitting on the the chair, an dchairwould be like a stool if you have ( Full Answer )
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Why do you need chairs?

Because otherwise you'd fall over when you sat down. As the Irish saying goes: "sit down, and take your weight off the floor!"
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Why is a chair called a chair?

Sir Arthur A. Chair made the first chair February 12th 1301. He made the discovery after he chopped down a rather large tree and decided that he wanted to be able to sit on it ( Full Answer )
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Sat in the chair or sat on the chair?

Usually we sit on chairs. We sit in something like a car or a room or we 'sit in silence'. (another opinion from an native speaker of American English) To me, it seems ( Full Answer )
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Can you get chlamydia from a chair?

No, you can't get chlamydia from a chair. It's spread by oral, anal, and vaginal sex with an infected partner, or genital-genital contact with someone infected. Also, a baby b ( Full Answer )
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On the chair or in the chair?

A chair is not like a bowl or bucket, that you sit IN. wheras it is an item that you sit ON. Therefore, technically you sit ON a chair and not IN it. But, that it a commonly u ( Full Answer )
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Why is a chair important?

a chair is important because without chairs no one would be able to sit in a nice comfortable seat they would have to sit on the dirty ground or floor
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Why chair has chair feet?

In the really old days when house floors were made of stone or rough wood, they would slosh water around to carry the dirt and dust away. The result would be rotted chair and ( Full Answer )
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What is funnel chair?

A chair that has a hose that connects to a person's mouth. The person sits in the chair and poops into the house giving the person on the other end a stinky brown surprise to ( Full Answer )
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What is float chair?

a chair that you put in a swimming pool so you can stay cool and hold your drink.
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Who invented chairs and why?

to sit on du-uh x lol soz i dont no hoo invented them but if you go on a really long walk , thrn when you sit down at the end of the day -if u have been walking all day ( Full Answer )
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How do you break a chair?

Many comedians employ physical humor as part of their repertiore, and have a specially prepared chair for them to innocently sit upon, only to have it collapse from under th ( Full Answer )
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What is an styling chair?

It is a swivel chair that can go up and down. It is normally used in salons. By the way you wrote "an styling chair" and it should be "a styling chair". Hope this helps.
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What are joints on a chair?

It is where the support beams connect to the four main legs on the chair. Hope this helps... :)
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What is a praetor's chair?

Today probably the most common reference to a "praetor's chair" is that found in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (Act I, Scene III), when Cassius, one of the conspirators, if no ( Full Answer )
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What are the problem of the chair?

The chair's design is not attractive. The number of chair is too less. The chair's design sucks. The chair is heavy. The chair's quality is not good.
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Is the aeron chair a comfortable chair?

The Aeron chair is a comfortable chair, it has a mesh back, and is very adjustable. Although it is pricey, it is no doubt it is a very comfortable chair.
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Is the chair really there?

This is one of the types of question you get asked at Oxford University it's those types of question that have no right or wrong answer, so get thinking
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Where do you get a chair on superbia?

you have to get your friends to send it. Or if you have a lot of money, you go to peoples houses (good luck charlie, jessie)
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What makes a chair french chair?

A typical French dining chair is the ladder back chair with awoven rush seat. French long chair is a chair with aseat long enough to completely support its user's ( Full Answer )
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What is the chair on zookeeper?

a chair in the zoo keeper is a chintoko and there is only 5 in the whole world.
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Do chair have sperm?

no it don't so if u juck on it naked you would not get pregnant only if a guy spray is sperms on it then
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What kind of chair is a Windsor chair?

A Windsor chair has a solid wooden built in seat. The windsor chair has a rounded back and legs. These chairs were designed with comfort in mind and is a good quality chair.
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What kind of chairs are theatre chairs?

Theatre chairs are seats specifically engineered and designed for viewing movies, films, or plays. They are built for comfort and to be functional in its design so that all pa ( Full Answer )