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What is the chalky substance on the pool surfaces?

The chalky substance is most likely too much shock. use Tri-Sodium Phosphate(TSP)and a good brush to clean it. drain the pool first. Well, in my opinion the chalky substan ( Full Answer )
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Does the air around us turn limewater chalky?

Answer . \nyes the air around turns the lime water chalky.\nIt is due to the formation of calcium carbonate from lime water due to its reaction with atmospheric air which ( Full Answer )
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What kind of rock is white very light and chalky?

Answer . limestone or could be gypsum. Answer: . Could be chalk. Dip it in vinegar. If it fizzes, it might be a sedimentary carbonate rock like limestone or chalk. Ther ( Full Answer )
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Chalky gritty feeling in mouth tiny bumps?

I really hope someone answers this soon. I have also been suffering with these symptoms for about 3 weeks now. Originally it was diagnosed as Oral Thrush but after two weeks o ( Full Answer )
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What are white chalky streaks on stucco walls?

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How does limewater turn chalky?

When you breathe out, Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ) is released. This reacts with the limewater to form a precipitate of calcium carbonate which appears as a white semitransparent su ( Full Answer )
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Does carbon dioxide turn lime water chalky and why?

CO2 + Ca(OH)2 -> CaCO3 + H2O . Carbon dioxide reacts with calcium hydroxide (lime water) to form calcium carbonate and water. Calcium carbonate is insoluble therefore exist i ( Full Answer )
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Why does limewater turn chalky?

When carbon dioxide is bubbled through lime water, it can react with the lime to form calcium carbonate, and this forms as a solid in small particles that make the water appea ( Full Answer )
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What is chalky mouth a symptom of?

\n. \nwhile eating my dinner I got a very chalky mouth feeling. Only new thing I put in the dinner is chickpeas\n. \n. \n. \nSome foods (such as chickpeas) can have an ast ( Full Answer )
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Is vaginal doscharge yellow and chalky?

Vaginal discharge is usually cloudy, or a white color to clear. After it has dried, it is normal to have a yellow tint to it.
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What is chalky soil?

Chalky soils are also known as basic soils. These soils are soft. This is the reason that they can break down so easily. They are also alkaline based. This makes them a bad ty ( Full Answer )
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White chalky residue on bottom of pool?

A layer of white residue on the bottom of a pool could be theresult of many things. Calcium deposits may be the most likelycause.
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Why does a clear limewater turned chalky when you blow?

When you breathe out, Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ) is released. This reacts with the limewater to form a precipitate of calcium carbonate which appears as a white semitransparent su ( Full Answer )
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How do you get rid of chalky white residue in your pots and pans?

The residue may be caused from mineral deposits in your tap water. If stainless steel or metal pans (not non-stick), then you can try to remove by soaking in a vinegar and pur ( Full Answer )
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What stds can cause chalky vaginal secretions?

There is no STD that causes chalky vaginal secretions. At different times during the menstrual cycle, a woman may notice that vaginal discharge is chalky. If you are at risk f ( Full Answer )
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Is alluvial soil loamy clayey sandy chalky or peaty?

Alluvial soil can be a mixture of sand, silt, clay, or a combination of all. If the alluvial is a bottom of an old riverbed, there is a high probability that the soil type is ( Full Answer )
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What is the chalky buildup on the sides of your fiberglass pool?

For most fiberglass swimming pools, it means that the pool is at least eighteen years old and is in need of new gel coat. All things fiberglass have a finish coat of gel coat. ( Full Answer )
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What is this pale green chalky rock?

You would have to provide a link to a picture. There are many different kinds of pale green chalky rocks, so you must be more specific.
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What cause limewater turns chalky?

Actually, limewater does not turn chalky but it turns milky, to be precise. It is due to the mixing of carbon dioxide that is CO2, with limewater that is Ca[OH]2 which results ( Full Answer )
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What kinds of rocks leave chalky or powdery markings?

Limestone [CaCO 3 ] makes the most famous chalky powder. (Think White Cliffs of Dover.) Modern chalk for chalkboards is usually made of gypsum [CaSO 4 • 2H 2 O]. It brea ( Full Answer )
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